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Mambiza (/'mæmbi:za/; officially Sainte-Germaine until 1970) is the largest city in Garambura. The city has one of the largest designated metropolitan areas in Garambura, at 1,253.9km2 (481.4mi2), and an urban population of 4,489,140 in 2014, with a total population of just over 4.5 million inhabitants. Mambiza itself is a metropolitan province of Garambura. The city sits on the expansive Gonda Delta and its coastal location makes it a popular destination for global trade. The city was founded as a trading outpost in 1656 by Gaullican merchants, who named the city Sainte-Germaine after the Sotirian venerated figure. It served as a stopover for trade between Euclea and southern Coius, namely Xiaodong and Senria, and so the city's wealth grew under the Gaullicans. It was designated as the capital of Baséland when it fell under full Gaullican sovereignty in 1813, and was designated a city in 1814. Mambiza was the site of Charles Dumont's famous Droits de l'homme speech in 1919, before he was executed in the city by national functionalists. Many of the city's inhabitants were conscripted during the Great War. The capital was moved and the city renamed to Mambiza in 1970 after Garambura secured its independence. (See more...)

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