Aininian (airline)

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IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded15 January 1926 (as Aininian Overseas Air Lines)
9 July 1982 (modern)
Secondary hubs
Focus cities
AllianceSapphire Alliance
Fleet size558 (mainline)
821 (incl. subsidiaries)
Destinations213 (mainline)
359 (incl. subsidiaries)
Company sloganVoyageons ensemble
"Let's travel together"
Headquarters2 place d'Outre-Mer
Tourres, Isle-Royale
Key peopleSylvie Deschênes (CEO)
Chantal Hémery (President)

Aininian (French: Aininien), formally Aininian Aerial Transportation Corporation, Ltd. (French: Société aininienne de transport aérien, lté), is Ainin's national state-owned flag carrier.

Formed in 1928 as Aininian Overseas Air Lines, it operated all flights in and to Aininian Notasia. Throughout the 1930s, it began adding flights across Esquarium, to countries such as Namor, Vyvland and East Luziyca. The onset of the Second Great War in 1941 led to a suspension of most aviation activities, but after the war, the airline quickly recovered to its prewar position and, using aircraft with increasingly longer range, began extending its overseas operations. In 1980, a major recession caused the airline to default on its debts, allowed to go unchecked due to rapid growth over the past decades, and it was bought out by the the government and merged with the state-owned airline, Aininian National, to form Aininian.

Today, Aininian is Ainin's largest airline and, as a founding member of Sapphire Alliance, a key player in the industry. It also operates the Nautasia-focused airline Aininian South as a wholly-owned subsidiary and the brand Aininian Express for its associated regional airlines. Its main domestic rival is Air Ainin.



With 558 aircraft in mainline service and 263 more in service with subsidiaries and regional partners, Aininian is the largest airline in Esquarium by fleet size. Its mainline fleet is entirely composed of Azimut aircraft.

File:Aininien liveries.png
From top to bottom: An Azimut 44 Saturne, an Azimut 73 Invidia and an Azimut 81 Fortuna operated by Aininian
Name In service Orders F C Y Dates operated
Mid-range jetliners
Azimut A-44/G 57 8 140 2000 - present
Azimut A-44/J 8 16 182 2000 - present
Azimut A-44/Q 101 45 12 136 2007 - present
Azimut A-44/R 62 16 155 2008 - present
Azimut A-44/R-EXT 8 31 16 148 2012 - present
Azimut A-51/E 15 16 32 162 1986 - present
Long-range jetliners
Azimut A-72bis/H 49 14 42 226 1998 - present
Azimut A-73/B 87 24 16 36 200 2008 - present
Azimut A-73/E 51 16 42 240 2008 - present
Azimut A-81/B & B-XP 89 16 20 72 259 1992 - present
Total 558 116



Focus city
City City Province
Amis Amis Barette Airport Saltèrne―Détroit
Auxpuis Auxpuis Outremont Airport Montagnes
Avran Avran Bécancourt Airport Mercier
Bastide Bastide Cordièrre Airport Bounèsque
Beaurepaire Beaurepaire Saint-Hyacinthe International Airport Jaspère
Bounèsquebourg Bounèsquebourg-Bellevue International Airport Bounèsque
Calvet Atterrages-Occidentaux Airport Linaque
Carillon Carillon Océan International Airport Côte-Dorée
Cherkov Cherkov Ferânul Airport West Ainin
Dalleron Dalleron Jean-Marie Breton Airport Risagne
Dartan Dartan Arcenaux International Airport Mercier
Del Del Détroit Airport Saltèrne―Détroit
Doval Mohammed-Faswa-Talonée Airport Linaque
Élis Deux-Marres Airport Saltèrne―Détroit
Étances Étances Hémery Airport Gammes
Evmont Evmont Regional Airport Montagnes
Finistère Finistère Airport Mercier
Fort-Françilien Fort-Françilien International Airport Risagne
Hibourg Hibourg–Jean-Lebœuf International Airport Ponant
Huimont Huimont Gérard Hébert International Airport Isle-Royale
Iberville Iberville Faswa Airport Jaspère
Lac-Saint-Sauveur Lac-Saint-Sauveur Airport Saltèrne―Détroit
Lahy Lahy-Banais Airport Linaque
La Chapelle La Chapelle Brigitte Boisrond Airport Ponant
La Grève La Grève Delannoy Airport Mercier
Le Rocher Le Rocher/Cherkov Airport West Ainin
Lous Bescond Regional Airport Mercier
Marlane-la-Prairie Marlane-la-Prairie Frédéric de Courtevoie International Airport Montagnes
Maroux AFB Maroux Radisson―Pays-de-l'Est
Merbonne Merbonne Airport Gammes
Neubourg Huimont-Neubourg Airport Isle-Royale
Novieux Novieux Radisson International Airport Radisson―Pays-de-l'Est
Outremont Outremont Regional Airport Linaque
Port-Denise Port-Denise Saint-Jean-Baptiste International Airport Risagne
Port-Louis Port-Louis Bonséjours Airport Charline Islands
Porteneuve Porteneuve Plateaus-Versants Airport Mercier
Rheuse Rheuse Picque Airport Radisson―Pays-de-l'Est
Rivecourt Rivecourt Marlane Airport Linaque
Saint-Grégoire Saint-Grégoire-Proulx International Airport Mercier
Sainte-Hélène Lac-Sainte-Hélène Airport Montagnes
Talon Talon International Airport Linaque
Tourres Tourres Mercier International Airport Isle-Royale
Tripont Tripont Portail-Doré Airport Gammes
Triton Triton Municipal Airport Côte-Dorée
Vadris Vadris Lepoint Airport Ponant
Val-Fabien Val-Fabien Airport Linaque
Wampley Wampley Médis Airport Risagne

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Focus city
Seasonal service
City Country Airport
Sevoya Template:Country data East Cortoguay Juan Florencio Xatruch International Airport
Forestia Nova 22px East Nautarya Forestia Nova Regional Airport
McDonald 22px East Nautarya McDonald-Samuel Airport
Saint Martin 22px East Nautarya Saint Martin-Bahrir Massadehr International Airport
Bondhaven Template:Country data Geadland Bondhaven Slochterdam Airport
Unolia City 22px Jahistic Union Hae Jae Bon International Airport
Ansyu Template:Country data Koyro Koyro Ansyu International Airport
Ragobad Template:Country data Kraq Ragobad International Airport
Jalallahar Template:Country data Kraq Jalallahar International Airport
Haj'dah Template:Country data Kraq Haj'dah International Airport
Bethlehem  Luziyca Bethlehem International Airport
Gijirokastra  Luziyca Gijirokastra International Airport
Jerusalem  Luziyca Jerusalem International Airport
Kenyen  Luziyca Kenyen "Jung To" International Airport
Yerevan  Luziyca Jerusalem International Airport
Montecara  Montecara Montecara–Enrico Dulio International Airport
Esquarian City  Namor Esquarian City Phænyx International Airport
Mojing  Namor Mojing International Airport
Namo  Namor Namo International Airport
Nozama City  Namor Nozama City Paramount Leader Yunglang Antelope International Airport
Sicho  Namor Sicho Vanti International Airport
Kaarela 23x15px Nevanmaa Kaarela International Airport
Nevanlinna 23x15px Nevanmaa Nevanlinna Akseli Taivalvuo International Airport
Viirilinna 23x15px Nevanmaa Viirilinna International Airport
Zalalal Template:Country data Pisdara Pisdara International Airport
Ports-du-Nord Template:Country data Saheil Ports-du-Nord Chaded-Hamdani Airport
Strandhavn 23x15px Vjaarland Strandhavn Aakerby Airport
Lyksdal 23x15px Vyvland Sdaamro-Lyksdal Airport
Vlud 23x15px Vyvland Wesge Airport
Port Yehoshua 22px West Cedarbrook Saul Frankel International Airport
Steinhouse 22px West Cedarbrook Ulam Field
Wrycova 22px West Cedarbrook Naimann Field

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Accidents and incidents

Since its establishment in 1982, Aininian has been involved in eleven serious incidents of which six resulted in fatalities.

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