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Natāsaru (Aburrite)
الجنوبية (Arabic)
Notasie (French)
Kanub'kalam (Pisdari)
ناوتاسیا (Siphrian)
Nautâysa (Nautasian Creole)
Left to right: Mount Çandan, Nautasian Union · Findolo Rainforest Preserve, Nautarya · Jalawla, Mazaristan · Southern coast of Pisdara
Area32,678,860 km²
Population~ 556,883,749
Countries and territoriesSovereign states

 Ainin (disputed)
Template:Country data Jabar
Template:Country data Kundalatuna
23px Khokarsa & Guadec
Template:Country data Litorea
Template:Country data Nautarya
Template:Country data Pisdara
Template:Country data Rifat
Template:Country data Saheil
23px South Nautasia

Dependent territories

Tuleena (Nevanmaa)
Languages and language familiesAburrite, Ankoreni, Arabic, Cortoguayan, French, KhoGudese, Kundali, Nautasian-Katranjiev, Nevan, Pasdani, Pisdari, Shona, Siphrian, Nautasian Creole and others
Time zonesUTC+0 to UTC+5
Capital citiesAinin Huimont

Template:Country data Jabar Al'Ahmar
Template:Country data Kinzeria Lykkestad
Template:Country data Kundalatuna Kiouelu
Template:Country data Litorea Kasabira
23px Ragugola
Template:Country data Nautarya Saint-Martin
Union of Nautasian Irfanic Republics Estanban
Template:Country data Pisdara Ashuragar
Template:Country data Polonian Queendom Barton
Template:Country data Rifat Bendigha
Template:Country data Saheil Ports-du-Nord
Siphria Akrê

23px Nova Tarnavdo

Nautasia is a continent in Esquarium, surrounded by the Sea of Nautarya and Central Ocean to the north, the Hyporian Ocean to the south, the Mercorian Ocean to the west, and the Voragic Ocean to the east. Geographically and biologically diverse, the continent is divided into nine sovereign states and two dependent territories. All but two of these states are located on Nautasia's mainland, with Ainin and Pisdara being archipelago nations off the northern coast of the landmass.

The majority of the states in Nautasia are members of the Organisation of Nautasian Unity, a intergovernmental organization of Nautasian states. Only one Nautasian state, Ainin, is a member of the Esquarian Community. Many Nautasian states also have connections with various military alliances, with Ainin, Nautarya, Saheil, and Pisdara being part of the wider Central Ocean Basin Alliance.


As a relatively large continent, Nautasia is home to a range of diverse ecosystems and biomes. The Great Wastes, an arid desert, dominates the eastern portion of the landmass, making up a large portion of the territory of the Nautasian Union, Mazaristan, Nautarya, Rifat, and Siphria. Due to the Great Wastes' lack of vegetation and rainfall, most people live on the coasts or near oasises and sources of clean water. There are notable and numerous pockets of both humid and tropical grassland, forests, and jungles on the edge of the desert, mainly in the southern Nautasian Union and Siphria, the coast of Mazaristan and Rifat, and the Findolo, Usijongo, and Riyaha provinces of Nautarya. An expanse of semi-arid territory divides these two biomes, most notably with the Nautaryan Plains in northern Nautarya.

The islands off the coast of Nautasia often differ greatly from the mainland in terms of climate and ecosystems. Ainin, being physically closer to Velkia then Nautasia, has a subtropical climate more akin to southern Ankoren then its closest neighbours in Nautarya. The small semi-arid islands of Pisdara also see a great difference in its ecosystem compared to the mainland, with many of the archipelago's flora being native solely to the islands and nowhere else, due to its biological isolation from other biomes and species of plants and animals.




     Member of the Organisation of Nautasian Unity
     Member of the Esquarian Community

Name Capital Currency Official language(s) Area km² Population GDP per capita (nominal) GDP (nominal; US$MM)
Template:Country data Arzoz Sikhawa Arzhan, Arabic, Hebrew 37,513,755 $10,689 $400,000
Template:Country data Jabar Rashid Jabari Rial Arabic 18,073,636 $4,704 $85,018
23px Khokarsa & Guadec Ragugola Kalo KhoGudese, French, Arabic TBA 54,429,875 $7,032 $382,750
Template:Country data Mazaristan Jalawla Mazari Dinar Arabic 29,489,007 $4,201 $123,883
Template:Country data Nautarya Saint-Martin East Nautaryan pesqua Arabic, French 2,359,425 45,834,692 $5,450 $249,799
 UNIR Estanban Toman Ankoreni, Arabic, Pasdani 126,323,104 $7,455 $941,738
Template:Country data Saheil Ports-du-Nord Saheilian Pound French, Arabic 98,450 3,462,590 $14,993 $52,364
Template:Country data Sardia
 Siphria Akrê Siphrian riyal Siphrian 195,632 11,718,120 $8,060 $94,448