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Desiderius I of Sydalon

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Desiderius I
Desiderius, Prince of Petra.jpg
Desiderius in 2011
King of Sydalon
Reign3 March 2011 – 22 May 2013
PredecessorJordan IX
SuccessorMelisende III
Co-Prince of Ascalzar
Reign3 March 2011 – 22 May 2013
PredecessorJordan IX
SuccessorMelisende III
Duke of Toron
Reign12 November 1975 – 3 March 2011
PredecessorJordan I
SuccessorSebastian I
Born(1962-06-22)22 June 1962
Castra Rubea, Sydalon, Royal Domain, Sydalon
Died22 May 2013(2013-05-22) (aged 51)
St Philip Hospital, Ostracine, Sydalon
2 June 2013
Cathedral of the Holy Sepulchre, Sydalon
Full name
Desiderius Charles Bohemond Henri
HouseAultavilla (official)
Toron (agnatic)
FatherJordan IX of Sydalon
MotherMelisende of Philippopolis
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Desiderius I (Desiderius Charles Bohemond Henri; 22 February 1962 – 22 May 2013) was King of Sydalon from 2011 until his death in 2013. He was the eldest child of King Jordan IX of Sydalon and Melisende of Philippopolis. He was Duke of Toron and executive of the domain from 1975 until he became King in 2011.

Desiderius was born at Castra Rubea as the first grandchild of Queen Elissa IV and Tancred II, Duke of Toron. He was educated within the royal household by private tutors despite his father's desire to see Desiderius attend formal schooling. He entered the Sydalene Defense Forces in 1980, and served in both the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy until 1991. In 1992, he married Princess Christina of Latium and they had five children: Melisende, Sebastian, William, Roletus, Desideria, and Bohemond.

Desiderius was known for his charity, and progressive beliefs at royal court. He became King in 2011 following his father's death after a severe stroke. Desiderius was diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer in late 2012; he died months later on 22 May 2013.

Early life

Desiderius was born at Castra Rubea, in Sydalon, the first child of Jordan, Prince of Petra and Melisende of Philippopolis. He was baptized on 1 July 1962 at Church of the Nativity, in Sarepta, with waters from the Yarden River, by Pope Gabriel III. His godparents were Cepheus Katsaros (his grandmother's husband) and Olympe of Canosa (his maternal grandmother).

After his birth, Desiderius was styled His Royal Highness Prince Desiderius of Petra. He was made an honorary officer at the age of 8, in the 1st Queen's Infantry Regiment. Desiderius was educated by private tutors for his entire education, with courtiers often reporting that this was in-spite of his parent's desires that he attend formal schooling. During the final Fourth West Scipian War, he, his parents and siblings were evacuated to Latium, where he remained until negotiations on what became the Yarden Accords began. While in Latium, Desiderius primarily resided in Oea, at Villa d'Iuliabona. During a 2011 interview, he attributed Pankratios Anemas, who educated him while in Latium, for his more progressive beliefs.

At his 18th birthday, Desiderius joined the Royal Navy; however, after six months he joined the Royal Air Force with the hopes of becoming a pilot. Eventually, he qualified to fly helicopters, and returned to the Navy, where he served aboard the MR Ostracine and served as a rescue helicopter pilot. By 1986, Desiderius took command of the MR Saint-Philippe; left active service in 1991.


Royal duties


After King Jordan IX appointed Adro III, Lord of Caeseti as Chancellor in 2009, Desiderius was among the first to publicly announce his disappointment that a Nationalist was serving as head of the chancery. Court insiders reported that Caeseti's appointment caused a rift between Desiderius and his father, who some believed was suffering from rapidly declining health. By late 2010, the Royal Family announced that King Jordan IX's health was failing and no longer capable of fulfilling his constitutional duties. Desiderius was in line to be appointed regent before his father's eventual death in March 2011. He removed Caeseti from office in his first act as King.

Assassination attempt

Health concerns

Titles, styles, and honors

  • 22 February 1962 – 12 November 1975: His Royal Highness Prince Desiderius of Petra
  • 12 November 1975 – 3 March 2011: His Royal Highness The Prince of Petra
    • 12 November 1975 – 3 March 2011: His Royal Highness The Duke of Toron
  • 3 March 2011 – 22 May 2013: His Majesty The King


Foreign honors


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Desiderius I of Sydalon
Cadet branch of the House of Hauteville
Born: 22 February 1962 Died: 22 May 2013
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Jordan XI
King of Sydalon
Succeeded by
Melisende III
Sydalene royalty
Preceded by
The Prince Jordan
later became King Jordan IX
Prince of Petra
Succeeded by
The Princess Melisende
later became Queen Melisende III
Sydalene nobility
Preceded by
Jordan I
Duke of Toron
Succeeded by
Sebastian I, Duke of Toron