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Overseer logo.png
PredecessorRising Dawn
Formation2040 (as Rising Dawn)
2043 (current form)
FounderKogami Ken
Yoo Jong-hyun
Roman Kryukov
Chen Xiaohan
Wang Hanwen
Takuya Nakamoto
Founded atFormosa, Orientia
Legal statusActive
  • Multiversal exploration and research over unidentified lifeforms
  • Control and ownership over dimensional rifts
  • Defense against hostile multiversal threats
  • Facilitating and training awakeneds across Orientia
HeadquartersOmega Tower, 223 Saratoga Rd., Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawai'i, Orientia
worldwide, primarily Orientia
Official language
First Order
Kogami Ken
Yoo Jong-hyun
Roman Kryukov
Chen Xiaohan
Wang Hanwen
Takuya Nakamoto
Second Order
Anton Korchagin
Maureen Crowley
Koo Seongtae
Ma Renyu
Houtaro Kikuchi
Third Order
Diego Martinez
Harper Evans
Ella Thompson
Fourth Order
Maya Anderson
Nazaryi Tsybzhitov
SubsidiariesAres Guild
Apollo Corporation

"All under the will of the God."

— The group's motto

Omega is a foundation from Orientia that is a front for awakened humans across the globe who holds republican and democratic values. Being a multi-purpose organization, their main operations are dimensional rift explorations and research over unidentified lifeforms. As such, they have their own paramilitary squads that aids their exploration teams and defend against extraterrestrial attacks. Founded in 2040, it was originally a group of Asian awakeneds that fought against the Devil in the Third World War, then a rebel group in Amenria before finally re-established as instructed by the Treaty of Jeddah in 2043.

Being the largest organization in Orientia, Omega holds significant amount of shares in various companies and awakened guilds (that are coincidentally owned by high-ranked Omega members) such as the Ares Guild. This resulted in them having the most S-rank awakeneds, which was assigned as leaders for their elite squads, where each squad consist of at least eight A-rank awakeneds and two S-rank awakened as leaders.

Omega was the first among other organizations and governments to explore permanent dimensional rifts. As such, they hold ownership over these permanent rifts and utilize them for public use, mainly for awakened training. Other permanent rifts that were discovered to have abundant resources, are closed for public and leased to private companies.

They own a clubhouse located in Tokyo, Vancouver and Vladivostok, as well as a retreat just west of Hilo, Hawai'i island.


Omega was originally found and ventured into the global spotlight during the Third World War when multiple awakeneds in East Asia formed a group named Rising Dawn, to defend the planet from the Devil's invasion. Omega played a significant role in supporting and assisting awakened individuals across Asia-Pacific, particularly those around Mugen's subordinates who were caught in the crossfire of the conflict. As the war ended, Rising Dawn was absorbed and helped founding Amenria. Despite this, many of its members did not agree with the foundation of a monarchy under Tianshi, with some members leaving and formed an unnamed group in Formosa, occasionally clashed with Pro-Amenrian supporters.

As time passed with Amenrian rule in Asia-Pacific, Mugen and several other remaining members slowly grew displeased with the absolute monarchal government of Tianshi. In September 2041, Mugen reconciled with the ex-members of Rising Dawn in Formosa, and with the same goal of abolishing monarchy rule, secretly spread the seeds of rebellion across the country. Clashes between Rising Dawn members and Amenrian police were common; and it was not until two years later in 9 February 2043, when Rising Dawn stormed Tianshi's palace in the middle of Mutiara, triggering a devastating fight between Mugen and Tianshi. The fight ended in June 2043.

Following the end of the War of Dusk and Dawn, according to the Treaty of Jeddah, the organization was re-established under a new name, Omega. With a renewed focus on safeguarding republican and democratic ideals, the organization not only continued its previous missions but also provides facility for republicanism in the world of monarchies.


Omega has described six official goals of the organization as:

  1. "A beautiful traditional sovereignty for Earth's future" : Fostering a sense of unity and social stability, based around the shared history, culture, and religious values.
  2. "A new constitution appropriate for the new era" : Restoring democratic values, rectifying the imbalance of rights and obligations, strengthening the emphasis on republican system, and promoting the separation of religion and state.
  3. "Politics that protect the state's reputation and the people's lives": Addressing the loss of public interest in politics and government by taking a more aggressive stance in historical debates and crisis management.
  4. "Creating education that fosters a sense of identity": Addressing various problems arising in the global educational system (bullying, etc.) and instituting respect for human history, culture, and religious values.
  5. "Contributing to world peace by strengthening national security": Strengthening humanity's defense power in order to counterbalance against multiversal hostile powers.
  6. "Friendship with the world tied by a spirit of co-existence and mutual prosperity": Building friendly relations with multiversal lifeforms through social and cultural exchange programs.



According to its charters, Omega describes itself as a non-partisan and non-sectarian organization. Membership is available to adult awakeners who exhibit qualities of good character, integrity, and leadership, and who have a positive reputation in their respective fields and communities. Awakeners below the age of 21 who wish to be a member of Omega are trained in Omega's youth wing, the Omicron.

To become a member of Omega, one can reach out to a local branch for inquiries and have their powers tested by using a measurement tool. One can also engage in a fight with hologram monsters should the measurement tool didn't provide an accurate result. Traditionally, membership in Omega required an invitation, although it is also possible to join without one. Attending a meeting is often recommended to ensure compatibility and a good fit with the organization.


The organization is led by its twelve founding members, which are then divided into four positions; First Order, Second Order, and Third Order. Every organizational matters that leads to decision (which, may be used to lobby the government) must be held in the presence of First Order members. The position of First Order members are only replaceable by death. Lower rank members, or Omega Troopers as stated on their website, are divided into six ranks;

Paladins are members who manages over the global scope of the organization. Approximately only 100 members are in this rank due to the exclusivity of the rank--being a guild master and third world war veteran is known to be two of the requirement.

  • Crusader (Japanese: 十字軍 , Jūjigun)

Same as above; with the jurisdiction reduced to regional scope. Only 1000 members are in this rank as only top 10 awanekeds, and top management of guilds across Orientia are capable of obtaining the rank.

  • Zealot (Japanese: 熱狂者 , Nekkyōsha)

Same as above; with the jurisdiction reduced to provincial scope. Most of its members are survivors and War of Dusk and Dawn veterans.

Most of its members are non-guild member awakeneds, or awakeneds in a guild whose guildmaster is a member of the organization.

New recruits of the organization.

  • Treasurer (Japanese: 会計係 , Kaikei-gakari)

Treasurers are members who collect annual dues from other members, pay bills, and forward annual dues to Argos.

  • Sentinels (Japanese: 哨戒兵 , Shōkahei)

Members of Argos who are tasked to guard the organization from both internal and external harm.


Clothing and Accessories

Omega members are not obliged to wear a specific attire, unless they're on a mission. During a mission, members are required to wear specific attires depending on the type. For stealth missions, members are required to wear shinobi-shozoku, or black garb. Its a piece of clothing that has been passed down for generatinos since the existence of ninja during the feudal era of Japan. It was heavily modified to fit with modern trend, resembling similarity with a suit. While for non-stealth missions, members are only required to wear their own choice of armor, but are obliged to be stylish, or fit to any specific fashion trend. Elders are also subject to these rules.


Omega has hundreds of ground and aerial vehicles that are already heavily modified to provide assistance in driving and safety from attempted crash and explosives.


Omega has shown the collections of weapons in their arsenal. Their arsenal consist of melee weapons like mace, hammer, axe, dagger, sword, nunchuck, and ranged weapons such as bow, crossbow, pistols, rifles capable of being infused by Qi, as well as pole weapons such as quarterstaff and spears. Omega is also known to preserve many mythological katana swords, including those made by Masamune, one of the greatest blacksmith ever existed.

Powers and Abilities

Fighting style

Omega members are trained in different martial arts, but many of its members are trained in either Taekwondo, Kung-fu, Kyokushin Karate, Systema and Arnis. All members of Omega are expected to be proficient in any martial arts that suits their style, or learn hybrid martial arts specialized for combat as martial arts helps the use of Ki for hand-to-hand combat.