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Overseer logo.png
PredecessorRising Dawn
Bohemian Club
Nippon Kaigi
Formation2032; 16 years ago (as Rising Dawn)
2042; 6 years ago (current form)
FounderElcid Samwise
Jeffrey Jung
Bai Jianyu
Mogami Kenta
Manuel D. Agapito
Henry Apiata
Carlos Gutierrez
Fernando Huancahuari
Steven Gibbs
David Longworth
Joseph Sandhu
Roman Kryukov
Founded atLas Vegas, Nevada, United States
Legal statusActive
PurposeArts, politics, business
Headquarters800 Fifth Avenue Argos Tower, Seattle, San Andreas, Ascion
425 South St, Honolulu, Hawaii, Ascion (Hawaii branch)
1458 Doe Rd, Mokelumne Hill, Calaveras, San Andreas, Ascion (Clubhouse)
SubsidiariesRed Phoenix Guild
Tempest Guild
Republican Party
AffiliationsGold Capital , YB Group, Johnson & Meyers Company

"Every place needs a law to follow, something to hold on, a guide to help distinguish right from wrong. We take it upon ourselves to promulgate that guidance, to keep the inhabitants of this world in their right mind and to punish those who do not."

- Caretaker Dmitry Karamazov

Argos is Ascion's largest republican, conservative non-governmental organization and lobby. The group is influential in the legislative and executive branches of the Ascionese government through its affiliates. Founded in 2032, it was originally a club for awakened people with elite background living in Asia-Pacific. They own a clubhouse located in Los Angeles, as well as a retreat just north of San Francisco in the Sonoma County.


Argos is named after Argus Panoptes, a many-eyed giant in Greek mythology. It is a group of business, commerce, efficiency, and creativity. The group also runs the country's institutions, companies, and banks, which makes Ascion more or less an oligarchy. The society's goals are to oppose atheism, abuse of power, obscurantism, and injustice by taking positions in the government of Ascion. "The order of the day," they wrote in their general statutes, "is to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice". The society has been claimed as the pillar of Ascion's growth and development. The group also described its aims as to "change the world consciousness based on cultural values and to preserve tradition."


Argos traced its roots back to Bohemian Club an organization formed in April 1872 by and for journalists, artists and musicians who wished to promote a fraternal connection among men who enjoyed the arts. The group quickly relaxed its rules for membership to permit some people to join who had little artistic talent, but enjoyed the arts and had greater financial resources. Eventually, the original "bohemian" members were in the minority and the wealthy and powerful controlled the club. Club members who were established and successful, respectable family men, defined for themselves their own form of bohemianism which included men who were bons vivants, sometime outdoorsmen, and appreciators of the arts.

It was later in 2032 the club dissolved, and re-founded as Rising Dawn by awakened people from elite backgrounds as a mean to gather awakeneds from all around the world and shifted its goal to merely a gathering for elites into an organization that actively campaigning religious values that were long abandoned as the world had shifted to atheism, liberalism and political correctness. The organization also started to allow women to join as well. Argos would later become a prominent force in helping Primus and Tianshi in the third world war.

During the dispute between Elcid and Tianshi in 2043, the organization merged with Nippon Kaigi, the largest right-wing organization in Japan and changed its name to "Argos". As a much larger organization, Argos members fueled rebellion in Amenria, under the help of Elcid Samwise who were working as Tianshi's advisor at the time. The rebellion soon transformed into a civil war known as War of Dusk and Dawn, a war between republicans pushing for Asia-Pacific identity, and monarchists with strong Sinocentrism ideals. Most monarchist members inside Argos also left due to conflicting interests. The war ended with a victory with Ascion declaring thier independence. Most of the members joined the newly-made government.

It was not until 3 years later they took small awakened guilds along the Asia-Pacific under their wing to strengthen their own forces and tighten their control. Most notably Red Phoenix Guild, an awakened guild based in Taiwan, was taken under the management of Argos, and is assigned as the espionage force of the organization as most of its members are Central Intelligence Agency officers. Allegedly, National Democratic Union have been claimed to be the subsidiary of Argos, as many NDU representatives and senators are also Argos members.

In 2046, Argos claimed to have "cleansed" its organization from "sinful followers of injustice". As stated on their website, many of its "sinful" members were banished to realm of agony, an alternate dimension within their control.


Argos has described six official goals of the organization as:

  1. "A beautiful traditional sovereignty for Asia-Pacific's future" : Fostering a sense of Asia-Pacific unity and social stability, based around the shared history, culture, and religious values of the Asians and Pacific islanders.
  2. "A new constitution appropriate for the new era" : Restoring national defense rights, rectifying the imbalance of rights and obligations, strengthening the emphasis on the family system, and loosening the separation of religion and state.
  3. "Politics that protect the state's reputation and the people's lives": Addressing the loss of public interest in politics and government by taking a more aggressive stance in historical debates and crisis management.
  4. "Creating education that fosters a sense of Asia-Pacific identity": Addressing various problems arising in the Ascionese educational system (bullying, etc.) and instituting respect for the national flag and anthem of Ascion, and for national history, culture, and religious values.
  5. "Contributing to world peace by strengthening national security": Strengthening Ascionese defense power in order to counterbalance universal and multiversal hostile powers.
  6. "Friendship with the world tied by a spirit of co-existence and mutual prosperity": Building friendly relations with foreign countries through social and cultural exchange programs.



Argos' membership is strictly limited to those related with the preceding organizations before its foundation, such as Rising Dawn, Bohemian Club and Nippon Kaigi.


The organization is led by its twelve founding members, which holds the title of "Overseer". All society-related businesses are to be discussed in a meeting of the twelve overseers. The overseers position are only replaceable by death, and the non-overseer members, or Eyes of Argos as stated on their website, are divided into six ranks;

  • Chaperone

The numbers are not known; but chaperones are claimed to be consisting of members joined before the third world war.

  • Caretakers

Same as above; caretakers are claimed to be consisting of members after the third world war and guild masters.

  • Senior Warden

Same as above; senior wardens are claimed to be consisting of members joined before the War of Dusk and Dawn.

  • Junior Warden

Same as above; junior wardens are claimed to be consisting of members joined after the independence of Ascion.

  • Treasurer

The role of the Treasurer is to keep the accounts, collect annual dues from the members, pay bills, and forward annual dues to Argos.

  • Sentinels

The role of the Sentinels is to guard the society for external/internal harm, as well as carrying missions tasked by the society. Members of the guilds under Argos are given the rank of Sentinel.


Clothing and Accessories

Argos members are often seen wearing business attire, such as black suits, with red ties, matching trousers and shoes for both genders, while the elders often wear red trench coat. Members are also allowed to wear modernized traditional clothing of their culture in red color. A pin bearing the aperture symbol is worn on the lapel. It is also optional for members to dye their hair.


Argos claimed to have hundreds of ground and aerial vehicles that are already heavily modified to provide assistance in driving and safety from attempted crash and explosives.


Though there is no official statement, but Argos has shown the collections of weapons in their arsenal. Their arsenal consist of melee weapons like knives, swords, nunchucks, ranged weapons such as bows and even pistols, rifles capable of being infused by Qi, as well as pole weapons such as quarterstaff and spears. Argos is also known to preserve many katana swords, including those made by Masamune, one of the greatest blacksmith ever existed.

Powers and Abilities

Fighting style

Argos members are trained in different martial arts, but many of its members are trained in either Taekwondo, Kung-fu, Kyokushin Karate or Arnis. All members of Argos are expected to be proficient in any martial arts that suits their style, or learn hybrid martial arts specialized for combat such as Krav Maga, Systema, or even Jeet Kune Do as martial arts helps the use of Ki for hand-to-hand combat.