War of Dusk and Dawn

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War of Dusk and Dawn


  • Independence of Ascion
  • Ratification of the

Embracing Dusk

Overseer logo.png Argos

The War of Dusk and Dawn (Chinese: ???; pinyin: ???) was a conflict in R1 that led to the independence of Ascion, as well as the ratification of the placeholder Accords, a set of international legal document regulating Superheroes and Awakened in general.




The leaders of the two factions, Tianshi and Primus were so powerful the conflict could potentially last for much longer and cause destruction as they zoomed from place to place, forcing Sandman, along with several Awakened from different countries, to intervene.

The war was deemed by observers in the international community as a public relations disaster, dividing public opinion on its combatants. While most still considered them as the same heroes who saved the world multiple times, others viewed them as threats to public security. This moved the Caliphate of Earth to create a system of accountability, resulting in the placeholder Accords. The event also led to the independence of Ascion.