Treaty of Jeddah

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Treaty of Jeddah
吉达条约 (Chinese)
ジェッダ条約 (Japanese)
Treaty of jeddah.png
TypePeace Treaty
SignedJuly 14, 2043 (2043-07-14)
EffectiveJuly 14, 2043
RatifiersAll signatories
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese, Japanese

The Treaty of Jeddah served as a peace treaty between Mugen and Tianshi, designed to establish the previously Pacific Amenrian states as a new nation, Orientia. The treaty also introduced demarcations between Amenria and the newly-formed Orientia, and outlined measures to control and regulate the actions of awakened individuals, encompassing members of governmental organizations and non-governmental entities such as Rising Dawn (which was reconstituted as Omega within the treaty).


Amidst the intense conflict of the War of Dusk and Dawn inb 2043, the clash between Mugen and Tianshi garnered attentions of awakened individuals worldwide, among them Sandman. Fearing the situation may escalate to another world war, Sandman intervened in June 2043 and instigated a ceasefire.

Sandman, along with other Awakened facilitated the negotiations between Mugen and Tianshi. These negotiations reached its peak with the signing of the treaty. The treaty itself was named after the capital city where the accord was finalized on July 17, 2043.


The regulations established by the Treaty of Jeddah included:

  • The establishment of awakened associations in each country, responsible for overseeing, managing, and controlling awakened individuals within their respective territories. These associations will report to the Caliphate of Earth.
    • Compulsory registration of all awakened individuals, requiring them to provide their identity and biometric data to the awakened association of their respective countries
    • Individuals with concealed identities must disclose their legal identities to the awakened association of their respective countries.
    • Individuals must undergo a comprehensive power analysis within the awakened association after Awakening.
  • Awakened Individuals and organizations are strictly prohibited from engaging in actions in foreign countries without obtaining clearance from both the awakened associations within their respective countries and the Holy Ardent Legion of Order.
    • Participation of awakened individuals in law enforcement, military, espionage, or any form of national or international conflict is only permissible if conducted under the auspices of their respective country's government and approval from the international awakened association.
    • Misuse of powers or engagement in unlawful activities that jeopardize public safety can result in indefinite detention.
  • Violation of the treaty leads to immediate arrest.
  • Stringent regulation governing the use of extraterrestrial technology, which may only be employed by governments under the direct supervision of the international awakened association and the UN.
    • A complete ban on the development of self-aware artificial intelligence.
  • Transformation of the private entity Rising Dawn into an organization owned by Orientia's government, with the requirement to rebrand as "Omega"
    • Awakened individuals may establish their own organizations, subject to supervision and approval from the awakened associations within their respective countries and the international awakened association.
    • Existing organizations composed of awakened individuals (such as Starchild Sorority are to be subjected to control and supervision under the awakened associations within their respective countries and the international awakened association.
  • The definition of an "awakened individual" includes any entity, human or otherwise, possessing superhuman capabilities, whether they arise from natural or artificial sources.
  • Mandatory tracking devices implanted in the necks of Mugen and Tianshi, ensuring constant monitoring. Any global or multiversal actions that may endanger public safety require approval from the international awakened association.
  • The creation of a new nation, Orientia, with Mugen serving as its initial leader. This nation encompasses the areas previously held by the Pacific Amenrian States.
  • Reparations and relief for those affected by the war are to be paid jointly by both Mugen and Tianshi.

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