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Open Fifties

The Open Fifties, alternatively known as or written as the Open '50s or Open 1950s, is a cultural colloquialism in Yisraeli popular culture that refers to the period from the end of the Year of Blood (1951) until the start of the Fourth West Scipian War (1963). This roughly 12-year period was a highly controversial era in Yisraeli life, characterized by a shift towards the left culturally and fiscally in politics and society, including a relaxing of religious practices and strictures.

Some scholars propose an extended timeline until 1976, as while the brief wartime Conservative presidency of Nosson Zadlec reversed some policy and political changes during the midst of the Fourth West Scipian War, many of these trends continued until the late 1970s, when Yisraeli society turned rightward in a reaction to the perceived disorder and breakdown in tradition resulting from the "Open '50s" as well as a backlash to the Yarden Accords. The era was considered culminated during the beginning of the presidency of Binyamin Schartz (1976-1984). In a op-ed by Chiloni social critic Joshua Hulien in June 1978, he laments that "[w]e are witnessing the end of our beloved generation [...] our open '50s and free '60s, now no more."


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