Government of Amathia

Government of Amathia
Ⰳⱆⰲⰵⱃⱀⱆⰾ Ⰰⰿⰰⱚⰹⰵⰹ
Guvernul Amathiei
Coat of Arms of Amathia
CountryAmathian Democratic Republic
LeaderPrime Minister of the Government
Appointed byPresidency of Amathia
Responsible toSenate of Amathia
HeadquartersLiberty Palace, Arciluco
Headquarters of the Government of Amathia

The Government of Amathia (Amathian: Ⰳⱆⰲⰵⱃⱀⱆⰾ Ⰰⰿⰰⱚⰹⰵⰹ, tr. Guvernul Amathiei) is an institution of the executive branch of the Amathian state, sharing executive powers with the institution of the Presidency in Amathia's semi-presidential system. The head of the Government is the Prime Minister of the Government of Amathia, and is formed by ministries and prefectures.

The Government of Amathia is, according to the Constitution, the institution of the executive power of the Amathian state that has its authority through the vote of confidence of the Amathian Senate and the appointment of the Presidency of Amathia. The Government of Amathia uses its executive authority to organize and conduct the public administration of Amathia, and in order to guide and protect the domestic and foreign policies of the Amathian state.


Current Government

Cabinet of Ramona Veleșean (2019-2022)
Political party Center Front
National Union for the Progress of Amathia
Legion of the Dawn
Sotirian Democratic National Peasants' Party
Faith and Equality
Democratic Association of Miruvians
Position Name
Prime Minister's Office
Prime Minister of the Government Ramona Veleșean
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Foreign Affairs Erna Maharani
Ministry of Education and Digital Development
Minister of Education and Digital Development Syahrul Blumel Ward
Ministry of Enviroment
Minister of Enviroment, Climate and Green Transition Rahim Ishak Couve
Ministry of Defence
Minister of Defence Sri Pla Jarufe
Ministry of Interior
Minister of Interior Siti Jobet Eluchans
Ministry of Health and Welfare
Minister of Welfare and Social Affairs Zaqui Balakrishnan
Minister of Health Andrew Kuan
Ministry Employment and Social Security
Minister of Employment and Social Security Benjamin Hinzpeter
Ministry of Economy and Finances
Minister of Economy and Finances Sebastian Attal
Ministry of Justice
Minister of Justice Dewi Borne-Sigall
Ministry of Mining, Stockbreeding, Agriculture and Fishing
Minister of Mining, Stockbreeding, Agriculture and Fishing Dita Chahin
Ministry of Energy and Telecommunications
Minister of Energy and Telecommunications Lim Hock Siew
Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Sports and Tourism
Minister of Cultural Affairs, Sports and Tourism Lim Cheng Bock
Ministry of Science and Research
Minister of Science and Research Sibeth Prokurica Bruner
Ministry of Housing
Minister of Housing Indra Megawati



The Government of Amathia is organized into multiple ministries, each with specific responsibilities and fields of expertise, each led by a Minister. The structure of the ministries is not enshrined in the law, and at least in theory, each individual government would be more than able to change this structure as long as its respects the law and the constitution, but an informal agreement between all the political parties in the Senate has ensured that the structure of the ministries has survived repeated changes of government, in order to ensure at least a minimal semblance of order and stability.

  1. Ministry of Agriculture and Development of the Rural Areas
  2. Ministry of Culture and Identity
  3. Ministry of Religious Affairs
  4. Ministry of Public Health
  5. Ministry of Euclean Funds
  6. Ministry of Labor and Social Justice
  7. Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, and Communications
  8. Ministry of Economy, Finance and Commerce
  9. Ministry of Education, and Research
  10. Ministry of Youth and Sport
  11. Ministry of National Defence
  12. Ministry of Internal Affairs
  13. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  14. Ministry of Public Finance
  15. Ministry of Energy
  16. Ministry of Justice and Fundamental Rights
  17. Ministry of Environment and Susteinable Development
  18. Ministry of Enterprises and Business Environment