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Chandan Resistance

People's Liberation and Resistance Army of the Pardals
Dates of operation1931 (1931)–1935 (1935)
Allegiance West Shalegho Commandery
HeadquartersMobile, attached to the Main Operational Group
Active regions Xiaodongese Chanda
National liberation
Political positionFar-left
AlliesGrand Alliance



The Chandan Resistance, or the People's Liberation Army, officially the People's Liberation and Resistance Army of the Pardals, was the Pardal-led anti-imperialist resistance to the Heavenly Xiaodongese Empire and its allies in Xiaodongese Chanda during the Great War. The Resistance coordinated with the Grand Alliance, especially Senria, to ensure the country's independence from Xiaodong, although it was never formally allied itself with the Alliance because of its affiliation with the Pardals.