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Christian terrorism in Yisrael

Christian terrorism in Yisrael refers to ongoing insurgency by Christian terrorists in Yisrael since the signing of the Yarden Accords with Sydalon in 1973. The rationales and motivations among the insurgent groups vary moderately, but are all in one sense or another inspired by Pan-Sydalonism, an early 20th century pan-nationalist ideology that asserts, according to its different variants, that the Yisraeli-controlled south bank of the Yarden River Valley, or all of Yisrael itself, is the sovereign territory of Sydalon as a legacy regional Christian power. The main terrorist groups are the Christian Defense League, the Free Yarden Valley Catholic Front, and the Pan-Sydalene Liberation Army. The major Yisraeli counter-terrorist agencies include the Royal Yisraeli Security Service, the Royal Yisraeli Special Political Police, and the special units of the Royal Yisraeli Border Guard.

Since 2018, however, there has not been a terrorist attack linked to Christian extremist groups. This has been credited with a more sophisticated Yisraeli counter-terrorism policy of stings, highly effective infiltration of groups by security forces, and a global shift with West Scipian politics focusing more strongly on the Western Monarchies-Kiso Pact tensions and Hezekian Reaction rather than on Yarden politics.




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