List of designated terrorist organizations in Ajax

This is a list of designated terrorist organizations in Ajax.

List of organizations currently designated as terrorists by governments

Organization BHK












Flag of Kach and Kahane Chai.svg Alliance for New Judea N/A Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes
30px Christian Defense League Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
30px Free Yarden Valley Catholic Front Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes
Flag of Vietnam.svg Garzan Revolutionary Army N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A Yes N/A Yes
<imgur w=30>gEM5Aen.png</imgur> Gelonian National Front Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes
30px Lord's Holy Army Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blason Isengard.svg Order of the White Hand Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes N/A Yes
30px Pan-Sydalene Liberation Army Yes Yes N/A Yes N/A Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes
BWR-TARSAS.png Tarsan National Army Yes N/A Yes N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes N/A N/A
Emanuel ship's Hebrew flag.svg Zionist Vision N/A Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes

Process of Designation


In Ghant, the government maintains a list of terrorist organizations, which are defined as "any group of individuals or sub-groups that pursue a political, religious or social agenda through means of force, coercion or intimidation against a populace". Terrorist organisations are classified and proscribed by the Ministry of Defence after consultation with the Adimen Ghantiar Agentzia (Ghantish Intelligence Agency). Once classified, a notice of the designation is published on the Ghantish Goverment's website and on fliers. The designation and may be overridden by the Legebiltzarra at any time.


In Latium, the definition of a terrorist organization is found in the Combating Violent Non-State Actors Act of 2004, which states that they are "any group which utilizes use of force or threat of force to achieve political, religious or social aims; intimidate or coerce a civilian population; aims to affect government business or activity by assassination, mass destruction, or any other violent means; and are perpetrated by a subnational group or non-state entity." Terrorist organizations may be classified under this definition and articles of the aforementioned CVNSAA by either the Home Office or Ministry of Defense, upon consultation with both of Latium's intelligence agencies, the Frumentarii and the SAI. After review of the recommendations, all classified organizations must be finally approved by the Monarch. Once classification as a terrorist organization has received Imperial assent, it is published to any relevant Government websites and sent to the Belisarian Community for further distribution. Any classification is subject to review by the Supreme Court or immediate, unilateral removal by the Monarch.


In Yisrael, the designation of terrorist groups was first codified in a 1904 royal decree. It was later put into statute in 1929 as the Anti-Constitutional Extremist and Radical Groups Act. Terrorist groups are defined as "extremist or radical groups seeking to force a change in state policy or policies through the use of political violence and physical force, such as insurgency, rebellion, mutiny of government forces, assassination of government officers, or other means, often through the targeting of non-governmental persons, e.g. civilians."

A terrorist group is designated as such after it is published on the National Security Bulletin of the office of the President of Yisrael or the the King's special security detachment, the Royal Yisraeli Special Political Police. An organization listed may contest the designation through the use of a foreign lobbying group with a presence in Yisrael, which after submitting an application to the Ministry of Justice is granted use and derivative use immunity until the review is complete; if the classification is uphold, the lobbying group has 72 hours to disassociate itself from the group with verification of such to the Yisraeli Ministry of Justice or face criminal charges of aiding and abetting a terrorist organization.

Current terrorist organizations on the Bulletin include the Christian Defense League, Free Yarden Valley Catholic Front, and the Pan-Sydalene Liberation Army.