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Kiso Pact

Kiso Pact
Kiso Kyōtei (Tsurushimese)
Kiso Pact (Allamunic)
Pacte de Kiso (Audonic)
Kiso Amtawa (Tamaziɣt)
Pakt Kiso (Ostro-Ludzic)
Kisō Givisuma (Terasi)
Kisopakte (Waltch)
Kasunduan Ng Kiso (Alhranese)
Flag of the Kiso Pact - Maroon.png
Flag of the Kiso Pact
Map of the Kiso Pact in the world.
PredecessorRepublican Internationale
FormationOctober 28, 2019; 17 months ago (2019-10-28)
Founded atKiso, Takinoya Prefecture, Tsurushima
TypeMutual aid, defence pact
Official languages

The Pact for Mutual Prosperity, Solidarity, and Common Defence, commonly known as the Kiso Pact and informally as the Republican Paradigm or Leftist Bloc, is an international mutual aid and defence organization between several countries across five continents. The organization's goals are to advance co-operation in cultural, economic, military and energy matters with one another, and to protect human rights worldwide.

The Group traces its origins to the summit meetings of leaders from XX held in the Tsurushimese city of Kiso on XX XX 20XX.


Republican Internationale

Formation of the Kiso Pact





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