Citizens' Alliance (Etruria)

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Citizens' Alliance

Alleanza Cittadini (Vespasian)
Savez Građana (Novalian)
Zveza Dražavljanov (Carinthian)
LeaderVittoria Vetra
SecretaryBoris Ivić
SpokespersonLivia Barella
Founded1 August 2011
Headquarters11-13 Gran Canale
Poveglia, Etruria
Student wingCitizens of the Future
Youth wingYoung Citizens
Membership (2017)Increase 500,048 (2017)
Radical centrism
Positioncentre to Centre-left
Colours  Orange
Seats in the State Council
62 / 290
Seats in the Senate
110 / 680
State governments
0 / 3
State legislatures
1 / 3
Autonomous governments
1 / 4

The Citizens' Alliance (Vespasian: Alleanza Cittadini; Novalian: Savez Građana; Carinthian: Zveza Dražavljanov), is a liberal political party in Etruria originating in Carvagna that is self-described as postnationalist. The CA has presented itself as a centre-left party that offered a mix of social democratic and liberal-progressive positions on its platform. Since the 2016 general election, the CA has emerged as the official party of opposition, becoming the second largest party after the ruling Tribune Movement.

It was founded in the Autonomous Region of Carvagna in 2012, where it received over 45% of votes and 51 deputies in the May 2013 regional election, making it the largest single party in the Assembly of Carvagna. It is strongly opposed to regional and federal nationalism. The party uses the phrase "All is my homeland, all is my country and Euclea is our future" to outline the party's ideology.



Vittoria Vetra is the current leader and the founder of the Citizens' Alliance.

Citizens brands itself as a centrist party in its Charter of Ideals. However, the dominant influence of defectors from the Etrurian Federalist Party and to a lesser extent the Etrurian Socialist Party, has resulted in significant gaps in policy. However, many consider the Citizens' Alliance to have successfully crafted a balance between left and right since the 2016 election, where it eclipsed the Etrurian Federalists as the Party of Opposition. This has been aided by the stark contrast in all factors between the CA and the ruling right-wing populist Tribune Movement.

Ideologically, the CA describes itself as a progressive, secular, and an advocate for Etrurian Unionism, Pro-Euclean and a postnationalist political party. The CA supports the current autonomous rights granted to the autonomous federal regions in Etruria, but rejects the autonomous regions' right to self-determination outside of Federal Etruria. As an originally Carvantine party it specifically opposes Carvantine nationalism, due to viewing it as an outdated, authoritarian and socially divisive ideology which fuels hatred among both Carvantines and Etrurians, it extends this opposition to the constituent republics of Vespasia, Carinthia and Novalia. However, elements within the Radical Centrist bloc have advocated greater rights, powers and freedoms for the states and autonomous regions, while some have promoted confederalism, with claims that Etrurian Federalism is a facade and innately authoritarian.

Its commitment to secularism takes primarily in the form of opposing the continuation of Church-run schools and other services, with further commitment to be "secular insofar that all religions of Etruria are recognised, praised, embraced and celebrated and not just of Catholicism." Its secular identity has been harshly criticised by not just the Tribune Movement by parties on the right, including the centre-right Federalists, who claim that its secularism is "as radical as it is provocative."

The CA is a self-described progressive party, as such it campaigns on LGBT-rights, increased rights for women, reduced constrictions on abortion and renewing of civil liberties through constitutional amendments and stricter regulations and laws on police and the security services. Its centrist position also sees it supporting the de-criminalisation of prostitution, certain narcotics including marijuana, dramatic reforms to justice, in the form of enhanced rehabilitation policies and the granting of federal rights to all minorities, ethnic and religious.

The Charter of Ideals, which is voted upon following each election, lists the following (in wake of the 2016 election):

  • Defense of individual rights and freedoms.
  • Defense of social rights and modernisation of the welfare state.
  • Uphold the Transetrurian Union and bring it to the standards of Euclean democracy.
  • Regeneration of democracy and of political life.


The Citizens' Alliance is a federal party of the parties of Carinthia, Novalia and Vespasia. The Vespasian party is further split into autonomous regions. The parliamentary parties of the Chamber of Representatives, State Council, the Carinthian Assembly, Novalian Assembly and the Vespasian Senate form semi-autonomous units within the party, as well as at the state and regional level. The leaders in the Chamber of the Representatives and the Vespasian Senate are the leaders of the federal party and the Vespasian Party; the leaders in the other chambers, and the officers of all parliamentary parties, are elected from their own number. Co-ordination of all party activities across all federated groups is undertaken through the Federal Board. Chaired by the party leader, its 30+ members includes representatives from each of the groups and democratically elected representatives.

Nicolò Pecorari is the leader of the Vespasian Citizens' Alliance.

The Citizens had 500,048 members at the end of 2017 and in the first quarter of 2018, the party received ₣2.1 million in donations. It is the second largest party in Etruria in terms of membership after the Tribune Movement, which recorded 1.45 million members in 2018.

Specified Associated Partners (PASs) review and input policies, representing groups including: ethnic minorities (ACM), women (CD), the LGBT community (Civitas) and youth and students (Citizens of the Future). Others can become Associated Groups (GAs) as pressure groups in the party, such as Citizenry Reform, the Green Citizens, Netizens Alliance, and the Citizenry Euclean Group (CGE).

Electoral history

Senate of Etruria (Chamber of Representatives)
Election Votes Seats Win Outcome
# % # ±
110 / 680
Increase 88 No Becomes the official party of opposition.
22 / 680
Increase 22 No
Senate of Etruria (State Council of the Federation)
Election Votes Seats Win Outcome
# % # ±
62 / 290
Increase 40 No
12 / 680
Increase 12 No