List of political parties in Etruria

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This article lists political parties in Etruria.

Parties with federal representation

Party logo Party name Leader Chamber of Representatives seats State Council seats Seats in
state assemblies
Local government
PSPlogo.png Tribune Movement
Movimento Tribune
Pokret Tribina
Gibanje Tribune
Giuseppe Conte 2.jpg
Francesco Carcaterra
373 / 600
90 / 210
693 / 1,862
11,150 / 20,249
The Tribune Movement was formed in 2012 through the merger of National Action, the People's Radical Party and the Justice and Freedom Party. Initially, the Tribune Movement sat on the far-right of the political spectrum, adopting many positions common with the Neo-Functionalist right. However, under Francesco Carcaterra the new party moved toward the centre and softened many of its positions. It rose to prominence during the 2016 EC referendum, in which it led the victorious No-campaign. Three months later it won a general election in a surprise landslide. Since its been in government, the Tribunes have adopted a right-wing nationalist position.
PSDLOGO.png Social Democratic Party
Partito Socialdemocratico
Socijaldemokratska Partija
Socialdemokratska Stranka
Carmen Calvo 2020 (portrait).jpg
Chiara Mastromarino
166 / 600
20 / 210
384 / 1,862
320 / 20,249
The Social Democratic Party is currently the second oldest political party with federal representation. It governed Etruria from 1951 until 1960 when it was overthrown in the 1960 Etrurian coup d'état, it returned to power in 1984 following the return of democracy. Until 2016, the SDP and the Federalist Party formed the foundations for the two-party system, with the SDP as the centre-left alternative. However, the SDP suffered with the rise of the far-right Tribune Movement, who captured most of the SPD's working-class supporters. In 2018 it suffered its worst result since its creation in 1946.
AlleanzaCittadinilogo.png Citizens' Alliance
Alleanza Cittadini
Savez Građana
Zveza Dražavljanov
Carlo Calenda crop.jpeg
Mauro Cesare Capra
31 / 600
30 / 210
367 / 1,862
7,441 / 20,249
The Citizens' Alliance was formed in 2011 as a breakaway of pro-EC senators from the Etrurian Federalist Party and the Socialist Party to pressure the Emiliano Reali government on a referendum on EC membership. Following its creation, the Citizens emerged as a centrist-liberal party that grew in popularity at the expense of the EFP, due to corruption scandals and incompetent government. The Citizens succeeded the Socialist Party as the party of opposition following the 2016 election. Today, the Citizens is a radical centrist and progressive party in opposition to the far-right Tribune Movement.
FWUlogo.png Farmers and Workers Union
Unione degli Agricoltori e dei Lavoratori
Unija Poljoprivrednika i Radnika
Zveza Kmetje in Delavci
Davor Krstičević
23 / 600
10 / 210
138 / 1,862
353 / 20,249
The Farmers and Workers Union is the oldest political party in Etruria, having been formed in 1891 as a voice for Novalian farmers who were suffering under the Second Republic's drive for quicker industrialisation. Throughout much of its history it operated as a Novalia-centric party, only contesting seats within the state. In 2016, it ended this tradition and competed in rural seats across Etruria, its gains saw it enter into coalition with the Tribune Movement until 2018, where it lost seats to the Tribune Movement. Today, the FWU retains its agrarian platform, but sits further to the right under its current leader Davor Krstičević.
FPS Logo.png Sotirian People's Force
Forza Popolare Sotiriana
Kršćanski Narod Sila
Krščanski Ijudje Sila
Vincenzo De Luca 2020 (cropped).jpg
Vittore Eugenio Agrella
4 / 600
0 / 210
39 / 1,862
0 / 20,249
The Sotirian People's Force was established as a splinter party of the Tribune Movement on August 23 2021, by 12 Representatives of the Sotirian democratic wing, in protest over the government's passing of the failed referendum results and wider issues with democratic backsliding. Over the course of several days, it was boosted by the defection of 18 lawmakers from Democratic Alternative for Etruria.
Popular Renewal Logo.png Popular Renewal
Rinnovamento Popolare
Popularni Obnova
Priljubljena Obnova
Emma Bonino 2017 crop.jpg
Aurelia Favazza
3 / 600
0 / 210
35 / 1,862
0 / 20,249
Popular Renewal was established in wake of the collapse of the Sinistra Socialista Etruriana in 2006. It is Etruria's only prominent far-left party and mostly receives backing from students and members of Etruria's ethnic minorities; mostly the Piraean and Miruvian populations. Since 2016, the party has moved to present itself as a left-wing populist alternative to the Tribune Movement and also softening its historic hard-left image.