ProvinceTrophy Ports
Founded175 BC
Annexed to Trellin589
 • City256.02 km2 (98.85 sq mi)
 • Urban
432,227 (78th)
Time zoneUTC−1 (TCT)

Durats is a city in western Trellin, located on the Jajexan Peninsula and bordering the province of Jajich. It is one of five cities which traditionally comprise the Trophy Ports. It is the oldest and most populous city in the province of the Trophy Ports, with a population of 432,227.

The city was historically a major point of contention between the Trellinese and Hyseran empires. It was founded in 175 BC and annexed by the Trellinese in 589 AD.


The port of Durats, circa 200 AD

Durats was originally settled by Hyseran merchants in the early 2nd century BC. It was the main centre of Hyseran trade with the Sea of Velar. As a prosperous port city and a symbol of imperialism in the south, it was twice raided by Mevirese fleets, in 132 and 101 BC. Durats played a key role in the interactions between the Hyseran and Trellinese empires. In 53 BC, a dispute between Trellinese merchants and the port's governors led to the Second Hyseran War. Regularly attacked by Trellinese fleets during the two empires' many wars, its rulers generally opted to bribe their attackers to leave. In 589 AD it was seized by the forces of King Fethre of Trellin and remained in Trellinese hands thereafter.

In the 1490s, during the rebellions against King Perendur, Jajich resisted royal authority until the queen, Artxa of Betria, landed near Durats with an army in 1495 and received the earl's surrender.