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Meister von San Vitale in Ravenna 013.jpg
King of Trellin
Reign587-632 AD
PredecessorElcmar I
SuccessorElcmar II
Tar Goreq, Trellin
SpouseKerivyë Dromai'i
IssueElcmar II
HouseHouse Marizonika
FatherElcmar I

Fethre (549–632) was the son of Elcmar I and was King of Trellin from 587 until his death. One of the longest-lived Trellinese monarchs, he is sometimes referred to as Fethre the Glorious or Fethre of Sanjari after his decisive victory over the Hyseran Empire at the Battle of Sanjari and subsequent successful siege of Hyser itself, which occurred in the second year of his reign. He was also responsible for the capture of Durats in 589. The rest of his rule was marked by great prosperity in Trellin, a result of the tributes and restrictions imposed on Hysera and strengthening ties with Arimathea to the north.

He is often regarded as one of the greatest rulers in Trellinese history. He married Kerivyë Dromai'i, a princess from House Dromai'i of which Fethre's own House Marizonika was a cadet branch. On his death he was succeeded by his eldest son, Elcmar II, who had been ruling in his stead from 625.