Periclean Forum

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SecretariatCastellum ab Alba, Latium
Official languages
TypeRegional intergovernmental organisation
Members17 members
5 May 1966
• Reformation into the Forum of Nations
1 January 2012

The Periclean Forum is an intergovernmental organization of 15 countries from Belisaria and Scipia, including # observers. The primary goal of the organization is to enhance cooperation and foster regional dialogue with the aim of promoting stability throughout the Periclean Sea basin. Projects of the Forum include conservation, preventing piracy, and more recently human rights. In 2012, the Forum was reformed into the Forum of Nations. In 2016, the Forum created the Human Rights Committee.



Nation Capital Date joined Notes
 Arthurista Loweport 5 May 1966 Founder
 Ascalzar Ascalzar 3 April 1968
 Bahktar 2 June 1972
Template:Country data North Deweden Deweden Kralin 23 October 2015
 Eagleland ? Constantinopolis 5 May 1966 Founder
Template:Country data Fakolana Fakolana 5 May 1966 Founder
Template:Country data Intermaria Traiana 5 May 1966 Founder
 Latium Castellum ab Alba 5 May 1966 Founder
 Lihnidos Arcadia 5 May 1966 Founder
 Lyncanestria Villeneuve 5 May 1966 Founder
 Nahlia Rajha 5 May 1966 Founder as the Imperial State of Nahlaya following the 1976 Military Coup d'état membership was suspended then following the Holitz Agreement in 1980 full membership later restablished.
23x15px Rabinovska Voropol 17 May 1981
 Rhynovia Fawngrad xx Month YEAR
 Sydalon Sydalon 3 April 1968 Currently disputed
 Tarsas Aenonesos 5 May 1966 Founder
 Vannois Saint-Nazaire 5 May 1966 Founder
 Yisrael Yerushalayim 12 June 1975

Observers and partners

Nation Capital Date joined Status
 Belfras Thessalona 25 April 1974 Observer
 Belisarian Community n/a 5 May 1966 Partner

Former members

Nation Date joined Date left Reason
Template:Country data Estoni
23x15px South Rietumimark 15 March 1989 2 February 2014