Hanrel Mata

Hanrel Mata
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Hanrel Mata in 1948
Nickname(s)The Liberator
Born(1892-04-14)14 April 1892
Teraxi Yú, Andamonia
Died11 March 1961(1961-03-11) (aged 68)
Zadé Axochizin, Andamonia
Allegiance Andamonia
Years of service1914 - 1953
RankField Marshal
Battles/warsGreat Astyrian War
Trophy Wars

Hanrel Mata (14 April 1892 – 11 March 1961) was a field marshal who led Andamonia's military in the Great Astyrian War and the Trophy Wars. He was personally responsible for the occupation of the Usmalím in the 1920s and for holding Trellinese forces at a stalemate in the Trophy Wars. A graduate of the Kobolis Military Academy, he returned to his home country in 1914 and by the outbreak of war in 1920 was one of the empire's most senior officers. It is sometimes argued that Mata was responsible for the Great Astyrian War becoming a pan-Astyrian conflict. In his own lifetime he was considered the most talented general in modern Andamonian history, and he remains an acclaimed figure within Andamonia. His successful recapture of Rha'gutza and Khorvu earned him the nickname 'the Liberator'. In contrast, he is regarded as a symbol of Andamonian tyranny in the Trophy Ports, and his legacy in eastern Trellin is seen as controversial and largely negative.


Cevrazu Hanrel Mata International Airport is named after him.

In 2014, during the War of the Eastern Velar, a statue of Mata in Rha'gutza was seized by riotous Khalitans and sentenced to death by drowning.[1]


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