João II

João II
King of Produzland
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King João II in January 1985
Reign18 February 1980 - 12 November 2018
Coronation18 February 1980
PredecessorMonarchy re-established Ronaldo Antunes as Prime Minister of Produzland
SuccessorJosé III
Prime ministersRonaldo Antunes
Marcelo Borges
Tomás da Rosa
Camila Cruz
Agostinho Valdés
Born5 January 1950
Oliviera, Parthonopia
Died12 November 2018(2018-11-12) (aged 68)
Burlon, Produzland
SpousePrincess Maria of Boaga (m. 1974)
IssueInfanta Ariana, Duchess of Vidal
José III
Infanta Fernando
Infante Vicente
Full name
João Francisco Afonso Vítor de Oliveira e Beltrão
FatherInfante Fernando, Count of Cartaganca
MotherGabriella of Oliviera
SignatureJoão II's signature

João II or John II (João Francisco Afonso Vítor de Oliveira e Beltrão; born 5 January 1950) reigned as King of Produzland from 18 February 1980 until his death on 12 November 2018. He ascended the throne upon the restoration of the monarchy ten months after the death of President Frederico Deusto.

João was the grandnephew of Carlos IV, the last king of Produzland before the abolition of the monarchy in 1935 and the subsequent declaration of the Federal Republic of Produzland. João was born in Oliviera during his family's exile. After Frederico Deusto's death, his successors Alberto Saldanha Seabra and Ronaldo Antunes came together and decided restoring the monarchy was the best course of action post-Deusto. João's father, Fernando, was the nephew of King Carlos, who had renounced his claims to the throne in January 1945. Fernando was seen as too liberal by the conservative Antunes and Seabra and in 1979 was bypassed in favour of João as Deusto's successor as head of state.

João spent his early years in Parthonopia and came to Produzland in 1959 to continue his studies. After completing his secondary education in 1967, he began his military training and entered the General Military Academy at Calorbairro. Later, he attended the Naval Military School and the General Academy of the Air, and finished his tertiary education at the University of Burlon. In 1974, João married Princess Maria of Boaga in Baratza. The couple had three sons and a daughter together: Ariana, José, Fernando, and Vicente. He was officially coronated on 18 February 1980, the first reigning monarch since 1935.

Early Life and Education

Coronation and Early Reign