Krasno International Airport

Krasno International Airport
Krasile Starptautiskā Lidosta
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Airport typePublic
OwnerKrasno City
ServesKrasno, Hytekia
LocationRaugsiela, Dienvidus
Hub forAlemannair
Crethian Airways
Hytek Airways
KRA is located in Hytekia
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Location in Hytekia
Direction Length Surface
ft m
09L/27R 9,678 2,950 Asphalt/concrete
09R/27L 9,678 2,960 Asphalt/concrete
02/20 11,483 3,500 Asphalt/concrete
Statistics (2016)
Aircraft movements201,827
Cargo (metric tonnes)196,023

Krasno International Airport (Hytek: Krasile Starptautiskā Lidosta; IATA: KRA, ICAO: KRSL) is the main international airport serving the city of Krasno, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Hytekia. The airport serves as an international hub for both Alemannair, Alemannia's joint-run airline, and Hytek Airways, Hytekia's state-owned flag carrier. In 2016, over 24 million passengers departed, stopped over or arrived in the airport, making it one of the busiest airports in both Alemannia and Asura. The airport connects to a multitude of domestic and international destinations, and serves every continent.

The airport itself was first built in 1936 as a military airbase for use by the Federation of Socialist Republics and the People's State of Hytekojuznia during the Second Great War, and served as a military airport until Aivars Muceniece transformed it into a public airport for tourist purposes. Although the airport only connected to cities within Hytekojuznia at first, by 1980 it had become a major hub in Alemannia, and one of the busiest in the subregion. Traffic dropped after the Hytekojuznik Civil War but quickly regained traction following the turn of the millennium as Hytekia began to branch out and cooperate with other Alemannic nations. The HGZ Alemannia, and Krasno International's connection to such, was one project that bolstered the airport's traffic massively. The airport underwent an initial renovation in 2004 which completed revamped the airports interior and exterior, as well as added a new runway at 02/20 decadegrees to avoid the sharp left-hand turn over the Gulf of Alemannia and Liiduria. Another renovation for the airport is planned for 2020 and it now serves as a global hub, with traffic projected to increase following the end of communist rule in the country.

Krasno International has three runways, two of which face 09 and 27 decadegrees and are parallel to each other, both of which run 2,950 metres (9,678 feet) towards the Gulf. Due to this, aircraft often found it difficult when relations with nearby Liiduria were tense, and aircraft would often have to reroute themselves over Aleia if the Liidurian government were in a position to deny Hytek aircraft entry into their airspace, which quickly became a problem as the burgeoning airport began to increase in size. The justification for the construction of the 02/20 decadegree runway was largely a result of the Liidurian problem, and allowed aircraft to fly a more reliable route, especially to global destinations.






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