Lyonnais (Province)

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Location of Lyonnais Province in Zamastan.
Location of Lyonnais Province in Zamastan.
Capital and largest cityKenzieland
ProvinceSeptember 8, 1899
 • GovernorNoelle Selane (BCP)
 • Total5,898,000

Lyonnais is an province of Zamastan. It is the second-least populated province after the Holish Islands, with 5,898,000. Located in the southern Cantalle region of provinces, Lyonnais is bordered to the east by Verdesia province, has a northern shoreline along Lake Greening, and has a small border with Rio Palito and continental Ruskayn. Most of the province's population is located on the mainland, with the capital and largest city being Kenzieland, and other major cities including Stamborough, Blainkasing, Colinada, and Readbron. The province's Western Islands are the westernmost areas on the continent of Euronia, with the city of Irocarres being its westernmost settlement along the Strait of Quetana.

Lyonnais is generally considered to be the poorest province in the country, with its economy struggling in the latter half of the 20th century due to many factors including lack of investment and infrastructure, a slow growth rate, and stagnation in its economic sectors of logging and mining. The backbone of the province's economy is farming; it produces 25% of Zamastan's potatoes. Other important industries include the fisheries, tourism, aerospace, bio-science, IT, and renewable energy.