Blue Conservative Party (Zamastan)

Blue Conservative Party
LeaderFoley Sakzi
ChairpersonKaitlin Garan
First SecretaryLarious Maxwell
FoundedOctober 9, 1823 (1823-22-09)
HeadquartersTofino, Zamastan
MembershipIncrease 4,075,000
Political positionlean-right
Colors     Blue
Congressional Hall
121 / 421
105 / 359
16 / 62
Administrative Governors
9 / 17

The Blue Conservative Party, also referred to as the BCP, is a federal political party in Zamastan, amongst the others being its historic rival, the Green Liberal Party (Zamastan). The party is named after the color of the flags used by the revolutionary abolitionists during the Zamastan War of Independence. Founded by anti-slavery activists, economic modernizers, ex-colonialists and Tomias Hapson supporters in 1823, the BCP largely dominated politics nationally and in the majority of mountainous and rural districts. Currently, the party ideology is new-age conservatism, which contrasts with the Green's liberal platform and progressive wing. The BCP political platform supports lower taxes, free market capitalism, free enterprise, a strong national defense, gun rights, deregulation and restrictions on labor unions, though many members of the party who have gone on to become the President of Zamastan, such as Cassious Castovia and Foley Sakzi, have adopted a varying degree of bipartisan ideology.

Conservative politicians have long dominated the sphere of Zamastanian politics, with such figures as Elliott North, William Castovia, Jean Levasseur, Elias Blanco, and Cassious Castovia being among some of the most popular and consequencial Presidents in the nation's history. There was a forty-year period from 1980 until 2020 where BCP members (with the exception of Damian Lorrie, who was in office for 46 days, and Zacharias Castovia, who was a registered independent) served as President. With the extensive term of Cassious Castovia, this era of conservative dominated politics was dubbed the "Castovia Era". It was ended with the election of Bloc Mayotte party member Atticus Moreau.

Positions and Ideology

Economic Issues

Social Issues

Foreign Policy Issues


Founding (1823)

Restructuring (1850-80)

Blanco Era (1924-1980)

Merger with Gaviria's Coalition

Castovia Era (1982-present)

Symbols and Imagery

A Tarin sea eagle, the symbol-sake of the BCP

The defining symbol of the Blue Conservative Party is the Tarin sea eagle, the national bird of Zamastan.

Notable Members