Verdesia (Province)

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Verdesia located in Zamastan
Verdesia located in Zamastan
Largest cityAebutius
ProvinceNovember 28, 1883
 • GovernorWilliam Eilish (BCP)
 • Total14,156,000

Verdesia is an Administrative District (Province) of Zamastan, bordered to the north by Redeemer’s Land, to the east by Pahl and Landeda, and to the west by Lyonnais and Cayenne. It has a coastline along the Cantalle Ocean to the south and Lake Greening to the west. With 14.2 million inhabitants, it is the 9th-most populous province in the country. Its capital is the port of Svalberg and its largest city is Aebutius, with other major cities being Guysborough, Winderdon, Sevinder, Wescastle, and Sadine.

Verdesia has been home to many indigenous nations for thousands of years. Caspiaan fur traders were the first non-continental peoples to establish colonies in the region, but the first Adulan traders, explorers, and settlers began exploring what is now Versenia's coast in the early-mid 16th century. As early as 1564, the Quetanans began sending vessels northeast from the Janapas, crossing the Ossinia Sea in a sweeping circular route across the coast. In 1592, Duuvan Svalberg undertook detailed mapping and studies of ocean currents along the southwest Euronian coast, including the Verdesia coast as well as the bay which would establish the city now bearing his name. Adulan ships – 250 in as many years – would typically not land before reaching Anchorhead or Tregueux, but some landed or wrecked in what is now Versenia. Following the War of Independence, colonizing powers were expelled and Verdesia became a self-governing region. The province was incorporated by Zamastan on November 28th, 1883 immediately following the Verdesia Annexation.

Verdesia is one of the most geographically diverse provinces in the country, marked by volcanoes, abundant bodies of water, dense evergreen and mixed forests, as well as high deserts and semi-arid shrublands. At 13,582 feet (4,140 m), Mount Ficher, a stratovolcano, is the province's highest point. Because of its diverse landscapes and waterways, Verdesia's economy is largely powered by various forms of agriculture, fishing, and hydroelectric power. The economy of Verdesia province is mainly supported by its large service sector and varied industrial sector. For exports, it leans on the key industries of aeronautics, mining, pharmaceuticals, aluminum, wood and paper. Verdesia is well known for producing cheeses, syrups, and pastries. It is also renowned for its culture; the province produces literature, music, films, TV shows, festivals, folklore, and more.