Marsella Atmos

Marsella Atmos
Latin Empress consort
Tenure25 January 2000 – 3 November 2016
Coronation25 January 2000
BornMarsella Eudoxia Atmos
(1966-02-01) 1 February 1966 (age 54)
Atmos, Nathia, Ghant
Jason VI Augustus of Latium
(m. 2000; died 2016)
FatherBenfri, Lord of Atmos
MotherAnastasia of Hayan

Marsella Atmos (born February 1 1966), also known as Empress Marsella, The Dowager Empress or Marsella Augusta was the third wife of Latin Emperor Jason VI Augustus, remaining married until his death on 3 November 2016. She was born and raised in her family's ancestral lands in Atmos, in northern Nathia, Ghant. She studied at the University of Nathia and the University of Ghish, going so far as earning a doctorate in international affairs.

She began dating Jason Augustus shortly after the latter's divorce from his second wife, Zoe Verrucosa, and the two were married in January 2000 at Sancta Sapientia in Castellum, with Marsella being crowned Empress consort in the same ceremony. She is noteworthy in many respects, chief among them being the first Ipargurutze Latin Empress consort, and for her multi-racial background. She has sat on the Emperor's Council ever since becoming consort, and has served as Master of Offices.



The Atmos family traces their lineage back to days of the Seven Lords of Ghant, where they held the southern Morea mountains against Dakmoor, and were the first line of defense against the mighty eastern kingdom. Although an ancient and storied house, they lands have been much reduced over the centuries, and their wealth and influence greatly diminished.

Early Life

Marsella was born on 1 February 1966 to Lord Benfri Atmos and Anastasia of Hayan in the local hospital in Atmos, Ghant, in the southern Morea Mountains between Dakmoor and Nathia. She was the first born of five children, followed by sisters Delphina, Andromeda and Euphemia, and brother Hector. Her father was the eldest son of Lord Zandar Atmos, while her mother Anastasia is a Sydalene noblewoman, and daughter of Louis IV, Duke of Hayan, and of mixed Sydalene, Fahrani, and Vardanan ancestry.

File:MarsellaAtmos portrait.jpg
Official court portrait taken of Empress Marsella in 2016.

Growing up in Atmos, Marsella attended a local ladies school and upon graduation, attended the University of Nathia where she studied political science and pre-law. Afterwards, she studied at the Haribec School of International Affairs at the University of Ghish, earning first her MA and then her PhD, before entering into the Ghantish diplomatic corps.

Ambassador to Latium

In 199x, Dr. Atmos was appointed the Ghantish Emissary to Latium in Castellum, where she met the embattled Latin Emperor Jason VI Augustus. The two formed a close working relationship, which turned intimate not long after his divorce from his second wife (rumor has it that the two began dating while he was still married). The two were in a relationship until January 2000, at which point they were wed - Atmos subsequently resigned her position as Ambassador upon being married).

Life as Royalty

Unlike Jason's first wife and second wife, Marsella is regarded in her native Ghant as a political mastermind and shrewd manipulator of court intrigue. In the past she has been noted to espouse center-left political views, although to what extent she would champion those leanings in her capacity as Latin Empress remains to be seen.

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Styles of
The Dowager Empress
Reference styleHer Imperial Majesty
Spoken styleYour Imperial Majesty
Alternative styleHer Majesty
  • 1 February 1966 – 25 January 2000: Lady Marsella Atmos
  • 25 January 2000 – 3 November 2016: Her Imperial Majesty The Empress
  • 3 November 2016 – present: Her Imperial Majesty Empress Marsella Augusta The Dowager Empress


Name Birth Death Spouse(s)
By Jason VI Augustus of Latium (1960–2016):
Prince Peter of Latium (2000-08-30) 30 August 2000 (age 20)
Princess Polyxena of Latium (2000-08-30) 30 August 2000 (age 20)
Princess Olivia of Latium (2003-11-09) 9 November 2003 (age 16)
Princess Octavia of Latium (2007-02-03) 3 February 2007 (age 13)
Prince Philip of Latium (2011-04-30) 30 April 2011 (age 9)


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Marsella Atmos
Born: 1 February 1966
Latin royalty
Preceded by
Zoe Verrucosa
Latin Empress consort
Succeeded by
Alazne Dain
Political offices
Preceded by
The Duke Pinarius
Master of Offices
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