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Alazne Dain

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Alazne Dain
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Latin Empress consort
Perateian Empress consort
Tenure8 December 2017 – present
Coronation8 December 2017
BornAlazne Euphrosyne Dain
(1994-05-01) 1 May 1994 (age 28)
Castle Dain, Dakmoor
FatherLord Bolvar Dain
MotherBelbe of Dakmoor
ReligionImperial Church (Catholicism)
Ipargurutism (formerly)

Latin Empress Alazne (born Alazne Euphrosyne Dain; 1 May 1994), also known as Alazne Augusta, is the current Latin Empress by virtue of her marriage to Emperor Constantine XX Claudius. She is the third child and eldest daughter of Lord Bolvar Dain and Princess Belbe of Dakmoor.

Birth and Naming

Alazne Dain was born on 1 May 1994, at 9:00 PM in Castle Dain, the third child and firstborn daughter of Lord Bolvar Dain and Princess Belbe of Dakmoor, and eighth grandchild of King Miraxes of Dakmoor and Queen Isabella, nee Princess of Gauekoizarra. She was baptised in the chapel of Castle Dain, her godparents being: Prince Baldakar of Dakmoor (her mother’s brother) and her grandmother the Dowager Queen Isabella. She was named after the 19th century Queen Alazne of Dakmoor, consort of King Mando “the Magnificent.” Her middle name, Euphrosyne, was inspired by one of the three graces of Greek Mythology.

Early Life and Education

Lady Alazne spent the earliest years of her life at the court of her grandfather, Lord Danel Dain and his wife Lady Theodora Claudia. She has two older brothers, Alaric and Beric, and was followed by a younger brother, Ollo, and a younger sister, Serena. The family was very close, and Alazne and her siblings grew up in a structured, loving environment where they enjoyed both ties to Latium, due to Alazne’s paternal grandmother Theodora Claudia, the younger sister of then Leo Claudius, Duke of Adrianople and to Dakmoor, due to her maternal uncle being King Malibar of Dakmoor.

Alazne, like most Dakmooran noblewomen, received a private education at the hands of tutors in Dain. She received a traditional education in language (Ghantish, Latin, Aulic and Gariman), math, sciences, music, government, heraldry, etiquette and politics, while also receiving a formal girl’s instruction from her governess. She was a bright pupil and a well-behaved child, and it was remarked upon that the young Alazne’s talents lie in music, poetry and etiquette, and her preferred instrument was the pedal harp.

At the age of thirteen, Alazne began attending the elite Dakar Finishing School, which served as the primary finishing school for Dakmooran noblewomen. The finishing school doubled as a boarding school, with each girl occupying their own room. Here she continued her instruction in Aulic, Latin and Gariman, while also learning fine penmanship, etiquette and dancing. Alazne and her peers were kept safe at the school, meeting only girls of their same social class, and had instructors who were politely deferential to their students’ social class.

Alazne continued to excel in her studies and earned high marks in Dakar, and upon graduation in 2012 at the age of eighteen she took up a role as a Lady-in-Waiting for Sophia, Princess Royal of Dakmoor, where she would remain for several years.


Alazne spent less than two years with Sophia in Dakar before Sophia’s marriage to Emperor Nathan IV of Ghant in February of 2014, at which point Alazne took up residence at the Imperial Palace in Ghish. By her own admission, she found the transition from the royal court of Dakar to the imperial court of Ghish to be difficult, as Ghish was far less proper than Dakar. She took comfort in the company of Sophia’s other ladies-in-waiting that came to Ghish with her, and struck up a friendship with the Emperor’s half-sister Princess Alexia.


It was shortly after their arrival in Ghish that the new Empress of Ghant began to seek marriages for her ladies-in-waiting, though Alazne was of particular interest to a number of suitors. Given her close ties to the Latin and Dakmooran ruling families, her beauty and grace, she was highly-sought after. The main area of interest was from the Latin Imperial Family, which sought a marriage among the granddaughters of the late King Miraxes of Dakmoor with Constantine, Prince of Youth. Of those granddaughters, only two were of appropriate age: Princess Elissa of Dakmoor, the daughter of Prince Baldakar of Dakmoor and Princess Sibylla of Sydalon, and Alazne. Since Elissa was the higher ranking of the two, she received precedence in the courtship process.

Princess Elissa however lacked an interest in becoming Latin Empress, and there had been some controversy regarding that courtship, since Sibylla had previously had an affair with the Latin Emperor Jason VI Claudius which resulted in a bastard, Violant Claudia de Aultavilla. It was for these reasons that Elissa withdrew from her courtship of Constantine in May 2015, thereupon which Constantine began courting Alazne instead.

Alazne began courting Constantine in June 2015, which was later confirmed by a spokesperson from the Prince of Youth’s household that month. She and Constantine were second cousins through their great-grandparents Praeses Senatus Jason Claudius, Duke of Adrianople and Princess Isabella of Thapse. Alazne first met Constantine when they were children, during a Latin visit to Dakar, Dakmoor, and by all accounts, Alazne had a favorable opinion of the Prince and from a young age welcomed the possibility of courtship.

Though their official courtship did not begin until 2015, Alazne and Constantine were often in contact growing up, whether through visits to Dakmoor or Latium, or exchanging letters. In 2014, it was speculated that Alazne and Constantine were courting following a leak from within Academia Militaris Olympia that indicated Alazne was the personal guest of Constantine for the 2014 Transvectio Equitum, of which he was the presiding officer that year. As the courtship went on, Constantine often visited Alazne in Ghish, where she still served as a lady-in-waiting to her cousin, Sophia of Dakmoor, Empress of Ghant.

A betrothal was announced by Latin imperial household officials in August 2016. Newspapers and media referred to Alazne as the “future Purple Empress,” due to her violet eyes. On 16 January 2017, Constantine proposed to Alazne, in Castellum, just days after a failed assassination attempt against him. Alazne and her parents accepted this proposal, after which Alazne was released from her service by the Empress of Ghant.

Alazne subsequently moved to Latium and took up residency at Velia House in Castellum, where she was given her own apartments. It was during this time that Alazne began preparations to become Latin Empress, and began formal instruction in the Catholic Church in order to convert. Alazne was also appointed to Constantine’s coronation planning committee in February, and aided in its planning along with others such as Empress Mother Zoe and Duke Michael Pinarius. It was also during this time that Alazne began to select her ladies-in-waiting, which she filled with noblewomen from Dakmoor (including some of Sophia’s other ladies-in-waiting) and Latium.

Marriage to Constantine XX

Alzane married Constantine XX on 8 December 2017 at Sancta Sapientia, in Castellum. The ceremony was officiated by Pope Urban IX, and attended by guests from across the world. Alazne was crowned as Latin Empress in the same ceremony, and subsequently granted the rank of Augusta. The wedding cost an estimated $22 million, and was a bank holiday. Alazne officially converted to Catholicism before the marriage ceremony.


Latin Imperial Offices announced, on 26 March 2018, that Alazne was expecting the Imperial Family’s first child on the Imperial Family's social media accounts. It was the first such announcement of an Imperial birth on social media. Alazne continued to carry out her official duties and scheduled engagements throughout her pregnancy. She went into labor just after midnight on 26 September 2018, and gave birth to Princess Diana later that day.

Alazne’s second pregnancy was announced on 20 May 2019. She again continued to carry out her duties as Empress during the pregnancy. And on 12 December 2019, she gave birth to a son, Alexius, Prince of Youth.

In February 2022, the Imperial Household announced that Alazne was expecting the imperial couple's third child. Their third child, [[Princess Astrea was born on 6 June 2022.

As Latin Empress

As Latin Empress, Alazne is very protective of her privacy, making only the occasional public appearance and participating in limited social engagements. Alazne has been outspoken about her opposition to any form of political expression and avoids engagements with the press. By all accounts she is strict in her manner, reserved in her speech, and formal in her style.

Empress Alazne has made it a priority to build relationships with various charitable organizations, namely those dealing in humanitarian aid, programs for the poor, education and abused women and children. Alazne’s focus on these groups have aided her rising popularity among the Latin people.

Styles, titles, and honors

  • 1 May 1994 – 8 December 2017: Lady Alazne Dain
  • 8 December 2017 – present: Her Imperial Majesty The Empress

Foreign honors

  • Flagge Herzogtum Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha (1911-1920).svg Kostritz: Lady Grand Cross of the Ducal Order of Kostritz South Atlantic Medal BAR.svg
  •  Mysia: Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Star and Crescent Medaille militaire ribbon.svg
  •  Petra: Lady of the Order of the Holy Lance Cavaliere SSML BAR.svg
  • Flag of Germany (1867–1918).svg Rahdenburg: Dame Grand Cross of the Order of Rahdenburg Order of the Black Eagle - Ribbon bar.svg
  •  Polnitsa: Lady of the Order of the Panther POL Order Orła Białego BAR.svg
  •  Sydalon: Lady of the Order of the White Lion Order of the Elephant Ribbon bar.svg

Dynastic orders


Name Birth Death Notes
By Constantine XX Claudius
Princess Diana of Latium (2018-09-26) 26 September 2018 (age 4)
Alexius, Prince of Youth (2019-12-12) 12 December 2019 (age 3)
Princess Astrea of Latium (2022-06-06) 6 June 2022 (age 7 months)


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Alazne Dain
Born: 1 May 1994
Latin royalty
Preceded by
Marsella Atmos
Latin Empress consort