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Mutual Assistance Organisation

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Flag of Mutual Assistance Organisation Kirenian: Vastastikuse abi organisatsioon Champania: Organizèson de ła assistencia mûtuala Miersan: Organizacja Wzajemnej Pomocy
Motto: "The workers' struggle has no borders"
Location of the Mutual Assistance Organisation (dark green) in Euclea (grey).
Location of the Mutual Assistance Organisation (dark green) in Euclea (grey).
Largest citiesHarimisaareke, Dyńsk, Brigançon
Official languages
TypeEconomic union and military alliance
Member states
• President of the Presidium
Champania Veitôria Lavernha
• President of the Presidium
East Miersa Iwo Kłosek
• First Spokesperson of the Treasury
Kirenia Aune Kangro
LegislatureUnited Congress
• Treaty of Wischenia
11 August 1999
• Total
717,368 km2 (276,977 sq mi)
• 2018 estimate

The Mutual Assistance Organisation, also known by the abbreviations MAO and MASSOR, is an economic union and military alliance with political components in central Euclea. Consisting of the three extant constitutionally socialist states in Euclea, the Mutual Assistance Organisation has an estimated population of over 81 million. Established in earnest in 1999, the MAO can be considered a supranational union, with economic components such as a common market and free trade area, political components such as the United Congress and military components such as the collective security agreement.



Preceding organisations


Treaty of Kakzazna



United Congress

High Court of Social Justice

Current leadership


Single market

Foreign relations

Alongside the Euclean Community and Samorspi, MASSOR is considered an influential organisation in Euclea. It has strong ties to the international socialist movement, and the organisation is represented at the Association for International Socialism. MAO has been described by some commentators as "the left-alternative to the Euclean Community".


Member states

Nation Population Representative GDP GDP per capita Date of accession
 Champania 12,294,952 Jau Montagn $238 billion $15,910 1999
 East Miersa 21,740,000 Gáspár Tibor $563 billion $25,884 1999
 Kirenia 52,853,207 Hannes Kross $2,583 billion $48,872 1999