Association for International Socialism

The Association for International Socialism is an intergovernmental organisation comprised of states with the aim of promoting and strengthening socialism around the world. It has 7 members and headquarters in Harimisaareke.


State Joined Capital Languages Population Area
 Chistovodia 1980 Volosovo Narodyn 73,491,200 2,399,981 km²
 Dezevau 1980 Bazadavo Ziba 190,902,213 2,000,000 km²
 East Miersa 1980 Żobrodź (de jure)
Dyńsk (de facto)
Miersan 21,740,000 197,568 km²
 Hullivia 1980 Die Friede Weranian, Avanyee 21,570,000 -
 Kirenia 1980 Harimisaareke Kirenian 52,853,207 459,800 km²
 Lavana 1980 Pers Lavanan 86,842,742 713,879 km²
 Lemovicia 1992 Topagunea Lemovician 1,014,866 13,548 km²
 Maracao 1980 Porto Leste Lusitan 3,497,281 40,140 km²
 South Kabu 1980 Ayukarta Kabuese 7,841,984 44,154 km²
Former Members
 Piraea 1982-1994 Alikianos Piraese 7,484,889 86,679 km²


There is a high level of cooperation between the states of the AIS on a wide range of matters, including science, diplomacy and economy. Notable cooperative projects include spaceprogram?, while the AIS is also linked to various institutions, such as the International Institute for Social Healthcare, which was founded by the Association of Emerging Socialist Economies but became affiliated with AIS after the latter organisation's collapse.


The AIS ??? the Association of Emerging Socialist Economies, which was disestablished in 1988. The AIS is also related to InterCon, which is a gathering of non-state parties and individuals where the AIS is for states. It was founded in 1980 in the aftermath of the Irvadistan War.