National Cosmological Agency
Національне космологічне агентство
Natsionalʹne kosmolohichne ahent·stvo
Natkosma Logo.png
Surveying the cosmos
Formation22 April 1961; 59 years ago (1961-04-22)
Headquarters7 Olsovskyy Prospekt, Samistopol, Soravia
Official language
Vsevolod Kharchenko
Kamenka Cosmodrome, Bashanta, Minilov (until 1978)
Viktor V. Matvyenko Cosmodrome, Terekhivka, Soravia
Increase $841 million (2019)

The National Cosmological Agency (Soravian: Національне космологічне агентство, Natsionalʹne kosmolohichne ahent·stvo (HKA)), often referred to by its abbreviated form Natkosma (Національне космологічне агентство, Natsionalʹne kosmolohichne ahent·stvo) is the primary space agency of the Soravian Republic. Nominally private, the agency's shares are held predominantly by the government, and is tasked with conducting civilian space research, space exploration and scientific endeavours.

Established in 1961 as one of the world's first space agencies, Natkosma was originally based at the Kamenka Cosmodrome on the shores of Lake Min in Minilov, and participated in the cooperative moon landings with Swetania and the Euclean Community in the late 1960s, when Viktor Matvyenko became the first Soravian man on the moon. Conducting mainly scientific missions throughout the 1970s, Natkosma was suspended in 1978 following the outbreak of the Sostava War and was reinstated in 1985 by Vasil Bodnar at the newly-built spaceport at the Viktor V. Matvyenko Cosmodrome. In the modern day, it is almost exclusively tasked with civilian space research and the maintainance of MSSN, Soravia's satellite navigation network, established in 1989. It continues to work heavily in conjunction with other space programs across Euclea.


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