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New Phork Underground

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New Phork Underground
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A train on the Reeds Line
LocaleNew Phork, Philimania
Transit typeRapid transit
Number of lines9
Number of stations63
Daily ridership1.757 million (2000)
Began operation4 Tebax 1972
(New Phork Underground opened)
Operator(s)New Phork Underground Corporation
System length434.3 km (269.9 mi)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 812 in) (1972–pres.)
Electrification630 and 750 V DC fourth rail
Average speed33 km/h (21 mph)

The New Phork Underground (also known simply as the Underground) is a rapid transit system serving New Phork in Philimania.

Opened in Tebax 1972, The network has expanded to 9 lines, and in 2000 was used for 641.305 million passenger journeys. The 9 lines collectively handle up to 1.757 million passenger journeys a day.

Construction of the New Phork Underground was prompted by a study, released in 1970, commissioned by The Philimanian Legislative Council to find solutions to the increasing road congestion problem caused by the city's fast-growing poppulation. Construction started soon after the release of the study, and the first line opened in 1972. The New Phork Underground was immediately popular with residents of New Phork; as a result, subsequent lines have been built to cover more district. There are continual debates regarding how and where to expand the network.