North Peninsular Republic

North Peninsular Republic

Flag of the North Peninsular Republic
Official languagesAndamonian
Demonym(s)North Olahan
• President
Tamlac ha'Lusnaan
Unrecognised state
• Independence declared
6 November 2015
• Recognition
No countries
• Surrendered
2 September 2016
• Claimed
37,819.34 km2 (14,602.13 sq mi)
Time zoneAST (UTC)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright

The North Peninsular Republic was an unrecognised self-declared state on the Olahu Peninsula, de jure territory of the Second Andamonian Empire. Its independence was declared during the War of the Eastern Velar by militia groups who had formerly been loyal to the imperial crown. It proceeded to fight against central government for much of the following year. These militias rebelled shortly after the Trellinese Armed Forces occupied Getús and Uushen, as they believed the imperial military had abandoned them. The territory it claimed was limited to the northern half of the Olahu Peninsula, with Tepec as its capital. The North Peninsular Republic enjoyed modest popular support in its territory but was not without infighting, and conflict with other sects was common during its existence.

Tepec was retaken by Andamonian government forces after a five-week siege in June and July 2016. On 27 August of that year, following a ninety-seven day siege, the North Peninsular Republic surrendered Pathatl. Hours later, some of its members perpetrated a terrorist attack in Cavari, killing over a hundred people. This attack undermined the rebels' popular support and provoked an intensifying of the Trellinese campaign. On 2 September 2016, President Tamlac ha'Lusnaan of the North Peninsular Republic surrendered to imperial forces.


The North Peninsular Republic was not recognised by any sovereign state, though it mutually recognised a number of other self-declared states in Andamonia, including the Olahu Commune and Free Socialist State of the Ubeylatl.