Second Andamonian Empire

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Empire of Andamonia

Patalichui ha'Ahandémon
Flag of
Imperial Andamonia's territory immediately before dissolution
Imperial Andamonia's territory immediately before dissolution
CapitalZadé Axochizin
Common languagesAndamonian
GovernmentUnitary absolute monarchy
• 1913–1929
Turaehoc III
• 1929–1966
Cueytatzl Ren II
• 1966–1997
Ayastoc Abazu
• 1997–2016
• McDudeson
• 2001–2016
Mocat Xekomo
Historical era
  • Modern
• Tlacapila Restoration
17 July 1913
• Promulgation of the Third Republic
25 December 2016
201674,416,400 km2 (28,732,300 sq mi)
CurrencyTeoqi (ANT)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Andamonian Second Republic

The Second Andamonian Empire, known during its hundred-year existence as the Empire of Andamonia, was the monarchic state which governed Andamonia after the fall of the Andamonian Second Republic in 1913 and the Tlacapila Restoration, which brought back from exile the monarchy which had ruled Andamonia until 1844 as the Second Dynasty. Reestablished by Turaehoc III, the Andamonian Empire endured the Great Astyrian War and the Trophy Wars and entered a slow decline in the latter half of the twentieth century. Diplomatic tension with Trellin over Andamonia's control over Rha'gutza and Khorvu led to the War of the Eastern Velar and subsequent War of Integrity, a civil war which was largely concluded by late 2016. Emperor Amahuiz dissolved the monarchy in December 2016 and instituted the current Andamonian Third Republic.