Free Socialist State of the Ubeylatl

Flag of Ubeylatl
Official languagesAndamonian
Partially recognised state
• Independence declared
3 November 2015
• Recognition
1 country
• Claimed
20,614.41 km2 (7,959.27 sq mi)
Time zoneAST (UTC)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright

The Ubeylatl, officially the Free Socialist State of the Ubeylatl, is a partially-recognised self-declared state in the territory of the Andamonian Empire. Its independence was declared during the War of the Eastern Velar by militia groups who had formerly been loyal to the imperial crown, and it remains at war with central government. Its capital is the city of Runaazit.


Ubeylatl militia troops

Like many other factions in Andamonia, the Ubeylatl has its origins in local militias which were organised with imperial sanction prior to the Trophy Wars of the 1930s. As the imperial military deteriorated in the decades after, these militias were granted greater access to its armaments. Ubeyli troops generally use similar equipment to that of the imperial military, though with less standardisation and often wielding more outdated weaponry.


The Ubeylatl is only recognised by one recognised sovereign state, the Yellow Star Republic. It mutually recognises a number of other self-declared states in Andamonia, including the Olahu Commune and North Peninsular Republic.