Olahu Commune

Olahu Commune

Flag of the Olahu Commune
Official languagesAndamonian
Demonym(s)Olahan Communist
Unrecognised state
• Independence declared
15 November 2015
• Recognition
No countries
• Collapse
December 2017
• Claimed
16,841.57 km2 (6,502.57 sq mi)
Time zoneAST (UTC)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright

The Olahu Commune was an unrecognised self-declared state in the western Olahu Peninsula, in the de jure territory of the Second Andamonian Empire. Its independence was declared during the War of the Eastern Velar by militia groups who had formerly been loyal to the imperial crown, and it asserted this independence during the War of Integrity against Andamonia's imperial, and then republican, government. These militias rebelled shortly after the Trellinese Armed Forces occupied Getús and Uushen, as they believed the imperial military had abandoned them. Its territorial claims were limited to the region around Getús, which served as the administrative centre of the Commune.

Following the defeat of the North Peninsular Republic at Pathatl in July 2016, support for the Commune rapidly disintegrated and its effective control disappeared in all but a few remote holdouts. By December 2017, most of its former leadership were believed killed, imprisoned or awaiting trial, and the Commune was deemed no longer a threat by the republican government.


The Olahu Commune was not recognised by any sovereign state. It mutually recognised a number of other self-declared states in Andamonia, including the North Peninsular Republic and Free Socialist State of the Ubeylatl.