War of Integrity

War of Integrity
Part of the Usma Cold War
Date3 November 2014 - present
Status Ongoing

Loyalist-Trellinese coalition

  • Imperial Military of Andamonia


  • Armed Forces of the Sidereal Crown


Rebels and militias
 North Peninsular Republic

 Olahu Commune
Commanders and leaders
Andamonia Amahuiz Tlacapilzi
Trellin Azara V
Trellin FM Khar'cal Lenari
Trellin Fleet Adm. Mokhra Erhani
Trellin Adm. Tarmüz Siveka
Txekrikar Prince Eshkan ha'Roita

The War of Integrity (3 November 2014–present), officially known as Operation Flying Mynah by Trellinese officials, is an ongoing civil war in Andamonia. It began after the 2014 War of the Eastern Velar, when Trellinese forces seized control over the Trophy Ports and repulsed an Andamonian invasion of Txekrikar. Confidence in the authority of Andamonia's central government collapsed following the comprehensive defeat of the imperial military, and many of the numerous militia groups throughout the country, already sceptical of government authority, entered open revolt.[2] The beginning of the civil war is generally taken to be 3 November, when the Free Socialist State of the Ubeylatl became the first militia to declare independence from the imperial government. In the west, many of these militias and sects continued to resist Trellinese forces in the absence of a formal military resistance, but the withdrawal of Sidereal Crown forces in mid-November left the task of suppressing these rebels to the remaining loyalist portion of the Andamonian military, while Emperor Amahuiz Tlacapilzi fled the country briefly before returning to the city of Cevrazu.[3]

Over the next nine months, imperial forces struggled to maintain authority over the diminishing territory under national government. Political analysts speculated on the eventual breakdown of the Andamonian state, while speakers in Andamonia's Grand Assembly suggested a devolved, federalised or even republican replacement to the existing imperial government. On 18 August 2015, Emperor Amahuiz formally requested a Trellinese intervention in the civil war.[1] Four days later, Azara V announced that Trellin would assist Andamonian forces in restoring imperial authority and pledged substantial aid. Despite considerable mistrust among the general populace, Andamonian forces with Trellinese support gradually won back territory city by city,

Government forces securing the Pathatl suburb of Maraqachi in late August

and by late April 2016 had driven rebel forces out of all but a handful of cities and restored peace to the capital.[4] Andamonian forces advanced on rebel-held Pathatl in May, laying siege to the city, while in June and July they retook Tepec which had been the centre of the North Peninsular Republic. Pathatl fell on 27 August to an assault by Andamonian ground troops backed by Trellinese air and naval support.[5] The victory in Pathatl was marred by a major terrorist attack, perpetrated by NPR agents, which left 153 dead in the Trellinese city of Cavari less than 12 hours later.[6]

The collapse of national and local government authority across much of the Andamonian Empire had severe consequences for everyday society and the economy. The employment rate plummetted to 40% within months, and drug-production and trafficking, both domestic and international, increased significantly, causing problems for Andamonia's neighbours.[7]


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