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Notre Drapeau Tricolore

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Notre Drapeau Tricolore
English: Our Tri-coloured Flag
Tebax Revolt.jpg
Protesters in Godfrey, Cavala during the 1947-1948 Cavala protests, prior to the Tebax Revolt.

National anthem of Cavala
LyricsFidèle Grosbière, 1948
Adopted31 Tebax 1948

Notre Drapeau Tricolore is the national anthem of Cavala. The song was written in Enero of 1948 by Fidèle Grosbière during the height of the 1947-1948 Cavala protests. The music is based off of O Tannenbaum by X. The song was adopted as the republic's anthem on 31 Tebax 1948 after a referendum. Due to its creation during the 1947-1948 Cavala protests, has become one of Cavala's most famous and integral symbols with its flag, coat of arms and motto.





Cavalan original English translation

Notre drapeau est fièrement dressé,
Avec ses trois couleurs, vert, blanc et rouge.
Il symbolise notre patrie,
Et tous nos rêves et espoirs pour l'avenir.


Oh drapeau, oh drapeau,
Notre fierté et notre espoir.
Tu es le symbole de notre unité,
Et de notre amour pour notre pays.

Nous sommes fiers de notre histoire,
Et de tous ceux qui nous ont précédés.
Nous avons lutté pour notre indépendance,
Et nous continuerons à défendre nos valeurs.

Que notre drapeau flotte haut et fort,
Symbole de notre unité et de notre force.
Nous sommes le peuple de ce grand pays,
Et ensemble, nous pouvons accomplir de grandes choses.

Our flag is proudly raised,
With its three colors, green, white and red.
It symbolizes our homeland,
And all our dreams and hopes for the future.


Oh flag, oh flag,
Our pride and our hope.
You are the symbol of our unity,
And our love for our country.

We are proud of our history,
And of all those who have gone before us.
We have fought for our independence,
And we will continue to defend our values.

Let our flag fly high and strong,
As a symbol of our unity and strength.
We are the people of this great country,
And together we can achieve great things.


Instrumental version of Notre Pavillon Tricoloure

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