Office of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs

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Office of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs
Úrad Diplomatov a Zahraničných Vecí
Independent Department overview
FormedMarch 9, 1810 (1810-03-09)
HeadquartersBuilding 12, Durnen
MottoStand Tall in the Eyes of the World
Employees17,134 employees
Annual budgetP£7.8 billion (2020)
Ministers responsible

The Office of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs (Interiér) is the official diplomatic service of Durnstaal. It is responsible for managing Durnian embassies in foreign countries, welcoming foreign emissaries into Durnstaal, and arranging meetings between diplomats.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Interiér's main goals are to represent Durnstaal in international affairs and protect Durnstaal's interests on an international level and are broken down as follows:

  • Represent Durnstaal in the Coalition of Crown Albatross,
  • Represent Durnstaal in international negotiations,
  • Maintain friendly relations with foreign nations when possible,
  • Maintain embassies in foreign nations,
  • Protect the interests of Durnstaal,
  • Prevent international incidents, and
  • Provide an unobstructed line of communication with foreign powers.



The Interiér was formed in 1756 from the pre-existing diplomatic services of Duern, Liverthaer, and Euron following their unification into the nation of Durnstaal. The newly-made organization attempted to comprise the best qualities of its constituent parts and also drew heavy inspiration from the well-established diplomatic service of Emmiria, which is most easily seen in the Emmirian-descended names of the positions of Minister Wazir and Ambassador Alqyczar.


Rank structure


The Interiér is based out of Building 12 in Durnen, Durnstaal and maintains embassies in: Albarine, Alcarres, Alonnisosa, Avergnon, Beleroskov Drambenburg, Emmiria, Gladysynthia New Elkland, Saudi Jiddiya, Vitosium, Vulkaria, Zalluabed, and Zamastan.