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Onekawan Affair

Onekawan Affair
Part of Western Monarchies-Kiso Pact Global Contention
DateOctober 15th, 2020-December 3, 2020
Status Concluded
Yisrael Royal Yisraeli Defense Forces
Yisrael Royal Yisraeli Border Guard
Messidor Union Messidorian Armed Forces
Messidor Union Union Border Security

The Onekawan Affair was an intense geopolitical crisis that occurred between Yisrael and Onekawa-Nukanoa and the Messidor Union. Before this crisis, Messidor Union-Yisrael relations had plummeted from neutral/cordial to openly hostile and cold due to the concurrent Gran Aligonian crisis and Hezekian Reaction.

Timeline of events

October 15

On October 15th, 2020, it was announced via Onekawan media that a 3,000-strong the elite rapid reaction force, the Royal Onekawa-Nukanoa Parachute Rifle Brigade and its support units, would be stationed at the Yisraeli Joint Base Hazera in the Southern District near the Messidor border. As part of this announcement, the Onekawan daily newspaper Toru News Daily included remarks by Yisraeli President Yitzchok Katz and Foreign Minister Ariel Goldblatt. Among the statements given to the press, Katz stated: "[w]ith monarchies and capitalist countries under daily assault by dark forces at the edge of our borders, this Onekawan brigade is gladly received."

This remark, and the planned deployment of this foreign elite force so close to the border, was cited by the Messidor Union's government as "the latest in a series of provocative moves" made by Yisrael since the Hezekian Reaction, and it sparked a panic inside the western regions of Messidor, with an unverified number of citizens fleeing to the interior from the border region. The Union government called up its border garrisons to be ready to mobilize as well as announced sanctions on Onekawa until it removed its force, as well as calling on the international community to sanction both Onekawa as well as Yisrael.

October 19

Major global powers, such as Latium and Belfras, swiftly rejected the announced sanctions as well as the call for additional sanctions. Katz and other Yisraeli leaders denied acting toward Messidor with malice, accusing the MU of "gross overreaction." The tensions led to the border being closed as well as Belfras, which had its own partnership with Yisrael rotating units for training, to suspend its future deployments until events stabilized.

October 24

October 25

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