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Welcome to Astyria, a region of vast, ancient continents and wide-ranging cultures, both young and old. There is plenty for new explorers to conquer. This is a land that only the brave should dare challenge.
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The foraging treeweaver (Dinemellia dinemelli ceripana) is a species of passerine bird found across the Sea of Velar. It inhabits equatorial rainforests in the Isles of Velar, with its range extending from Idisamo in Trellin to the Olahu Peninsula of northwest Andamonia. Its diet consists chiefly of insects foraged from the ground. Its habit of building intricate nests with interwoven twigs has earned it the name treeweaver, while its specific name, ceripana, refers to the island of Kerypa where it was first formally described. (See more...)
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