Born27 August (year unknown)
NationalityUnknown (formerly)
Other namesKars Belzagar
Song Hyun-Woo
OrganizationUrban Jungle (formerly)
National Awakened Association
The Rulers
Order of Feorh
League of Pacific Socialists
Union Chairman
Term10 years (expendable)
Political partySocial Democratic Party (formerly)

Primus, or commonly known by his alias as Song Hyun Woo and Kars Belzagar, is a human male politician and founder of Ascion. He is currently the Secretary-General of LAPS and the Chairman of Ascion. Born in a Southeast Asian country of Old Asia, Primus awakened his own ability at a young age and was one of a prodigy in controlling Qi to some certain extent where he was able to combat well-trained soldiers and small militias. Later in life, he was contacted by the Hurites and visited New Eden (formerly known as Kepler-22b) where he spent five years of training and getting exposed to the Heaven's stone.


Early Life

Teenage Years

Primus' teenage life was mostly unknown, as it was either not recorded, or destroyed during The Great War. Researchers were also unable to obtain information as any interview attempts regarding the topic has been abruptly ended, or deliberately avoided by Primus himself. A recent interview done by Pacifica Media was also futile, as Primus only answered "unworthy moments to remember, and it should remain hidden" after the host tried to question him.

Primus awakened his first ability in high school right after having a road accident on the way to school. The ability helped him recover at a speed faster than normal human, as well as the capability to control anything that has a mass, such as air. After his awakening, he strives to become the strongest, as well as to maintain a peaceful living condition in his hometown. His sole focuses were training to become the strongest, as well as maintain peace in his hometown. It was also at this time he teamed up with Tianshi to form Urban Jungle, a vigilante-animal-themed superhero team, and took the name Manux.

Adult Years

New Eden Contact

In 2035, approximately a year after The Great Catastrophe in New Eden, the Hurites, angelic beings thought to be the descendant of Seth who went to the stars, were bound on a mission to find suitable candidate across the universe to bear the immense power of "Heaven stone", a stone believed to be part of heaven, capable of enhancing the physique of a creature beyond their limits, granting them control almost every energy in the universe, insight, the ability to warp reality, as well as near-absolute control over space itself. Despite the powerful capabilities it has, the stone is also somewhat sentient--it only choose those that are deemed worthy. Primus was proved to be a suitable candidate from Earth to fuse with the stone. He went to New Eden through the warp tube by June 2035.

During his years in New Eden, Primus went through harsh training and body augmentations using Hurite technology to be considered "worthy" by the stone. In the last year of his training, Primus were approved to fuse with the stone, which--the stone also accepted Primus and considered him worthy. Despite the approval, Primus had to withstand the immense power of the stone, which even though he was capable to fight the stone, his physical body disappeared along with the stone. Primus was not dead, but rather alive in electromagnetic form. He slowly reassembled his physical body through a series of partial bodily reappearances: first as a disembodied nervous system, including the brain and eyes; then as a circulatory system (August 15 of Earth time); then a screaming partially muscled skeleton (August 20 of Earth time). Each time, the appearance only lasts for a few seconds.

And finally, by August 28 (of Earth time), Primus appeared to be floating at the top of Yuu'th hill in New Eden, shirtless, while glowing in a gold hue. It is not known if his clothes were destroyed due to the stone's power, or just because he was unable to assemble a clothing. The stone granted him power near the level of Celestials, but compared to the Celestials, the ability and desire to sin still remains.

Despit being an all-powerful stone that has the capability of changing the universe, most of the stone's abilities only work in the same universe Primus is in, for example, teleportation and space manipulation does not work multiversally, meaning he is unable to travel to other multiverses/dimensions. Also, the ability to warp reality brings a heavy consequence where every time the ability is used, it costs Primus' life by a year. He was granted the name Kars Belzagar and the title Grandmaster by the Hurite elders. Primus came back to Earth a week later, right before the start of WWIII on January 15, 2040.

The Great War

Ruling Years

Primus rose into power after Ascion gained independence. Primus was one of the resistance leader in the Asia-Pacific Civil War, alongside Li Yangchen and Reiji Atsutaka. Together they were the leaders of Golden Hands, a large rebel group consisted of Awakened people in the Asia-Pacific region of Amenria. Primus was the mastermind of the resistance, working from the Imperial Palace of Amenria in Mutiara, as he was working as Tianshi's advisor.

During the civil war, Primus had a full-scale fight with Tianshi, due to the heated political disagreement between two of them, as Tianshi strongly held his monarchist and religious view and Primus were mostly republican and secular. The fight was highly destructive, resulting in almost the entire land of Eurasia nearly obliterated by the fight, although, the two eventually ended the fight with an agreement where Primus were allowed to make a new nation, fully separated from the theocratic empire of Amenria. As soon as the war ended and Ascion gained independence, resistance council members, along with Primus, took control of the newly-made government. Primus took the name "Kars Belzagar", and reigned as the the first president of Ascion, and following the constitutional reform in 2045, he was declared as "President for Life".




Heaven's stone