Prince Donus of Paloton

Prince Donus
Prince of Paloton (more)
Born (1988-06-23) 23 June 1988 (age 31)
Corybantes Rodinos Hospital, Corcus, Preveza, Lihnidos
  • Prince Theodous of Paloton
Full name
Flavius Claudius Asellus Donus Iasonis Isaurus
FatherPhilip Claudius, Count of Durolipons
MotherPrincess Alexandra, Duchess of Paloton
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Prince Donus of Paloton (Flavius Claudius Asellus Donus Iasonis Isaurus; b. 23 June 1988) is a Latin noble and a Lihnidosi prince.

Early life and education

Prince Donus was born on 23 June 1988 at Corybantes Rodinos Hospital, in Corcus, Lihnidos. He is the third child and only son of Philip Claudius, Count of Durolipons and Princess Alexandra, Duchess of Paloton, and was privately baptized into the Fabrian Catholic Church on 19 September 1988.

Donus was educated at {primary school}, in Lihnidos, though he attended Academia Sanctus Paul-Taphioia, a Latin boarding school near the Lihnidosi border, known for its rigorous curriculum. He enrolled at University of Naxegion at the age of 17, though dropped out after his first semester due to {thing}. He travelled to Belfras in early 2006, residing in a Thessalona-based townhouse for the better part of a year. In 2007, he returned to Belisaria, and travelled throughout the continent, as far as Nekor, and even a stay in Ghant during September 2007. For Christmas 2007, he visited Kerkouane, Sydalon, and later Yerushalayim.

In fall 2009, Donus enrolled in university once again, this time at Castellum College, Castellum. While at Castellum College, Donus's grades suffered due to what he cites was "personal disinterest" in schooling. By the end of his first full year at Castellum College, Donus took a term off, and returned to his studies in January 2011, with a focus on International Management. While at Castellum he was often seen around other nobles or princes, and a social circle including his second cousin Princess Maria of Latium, Princess Melisende of Sydalon, X, among others. It is during his time at Castellum that he first met his wife, Princess Frederica of Ghant after being introduced by her cousin Thomas Anicius, Count of Mediolanum.

Donus graduated with a degree in International Management in 2014.

Personal life

Donus is an avid football fan, and a supporter of FC Imperialis Ianiculum, and is reportedly close friends with a number of the team's players. In 2015, it was first reported that he was in a relationship with Princess Frederica of Ghant. The pair first began courting at an unspecified time, believed to be sometime in 2014, after being introduced by Frederica cousin, Thomas Anicius, Count of Mediolanum. They married in 2016, during a private ceremony in Lihnidos. They welcomed their first child, Theodorus, in November 2017.

Donus is out spoken in his wife's support for the House of Hechenreyt against Liothidia.

Despite being raised in the Fabrian Church, Donus has said that he is not very religious, and only attends services "once every month or so."


Name Birth Death Spouse(s)
By Princess Frederica of Ghant (b. 1990)
Prince Theodorus of Paloton (2017-11-06) 6 November 2017 (age 23 months)

Titles, styles, honors and arms

  • 23 June 1988 – present: Prince Donus of Paloton
    • in Latium 19 June 2018 – present: Lord of Aarhusium


  •  Latium: Knight of the Order of the Ram Red ribbon bar - general use.svg