Txerig III

Txerig III
Ludwig I. von Bayern around 1830.jpg
King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera
Reign25 December 1833 – 21 October 1876
Coronation1 and 8 January 1833, respectively
PredecessorTovelindra III
King of the Isles of Velar
Reign25 December 1833 – 21 October 1876
Coronation25 January 1833
PredecessorTovelindra III
Born13 June 1806
Mar'theqa, Trellin
Died21 October 1876(1876-10-21) (aged 70)
SpouseLusilia of Namija
Artxur, Prince of Namija
Tovelindra, Princess of Oloros
Iyarsin, Duke of Quhoran
Lorel, Duchess of Zalaspa
HouseHouse Palægos
FatherPrince Mokhra of Arimathea
MotherTovelindra III
ReligionLadath Thaerinë and Roman Catholicism

Txerig III (13 June 1806 - 21 October 1876) was the son of Tovelindra III. He was King of Trellin, Emperor of Hysera and King of the Isles of Velar from 1833 until his death. He was succeeded by his son Hasper.

Txerig's 1835 marriage to Princess Lusilia of Namija brought with it the principality's entrance into the Trellinese Empire as a province. In 1859, an army mutiny originating in Bal Emrith became the wide-reaching General Insurrection.