Progressive Alliance (Alsland)

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Progressive Alliance

Progressyf Alliânsje
Progressive Allianz
Progrvẹrcic Vyncynn
Progressiivne liit
PV (Swathish Community)
PL (Martish Community)
LeaderOttila Möller
FounderBonne Zijlstra
Oslaf Ḷafvardiġe
Per Schnyder
Founded9 February 2006; 16 years ago (2006-02-09)
Preceded byWorkers' Party
Headquarters192U16 Baardaplak Yndyk
Youth wingYouth Progressives
Membership (52,109)2018
IdeologySocial Democracy
Social Liberalism
Political positionCentre-left
Euclean Parliament groupSAE
Colors     Red
Slogan"For all Mankind"
35 / 201
Federal Council
1 / 96
Community Parliaments
1 / 608
Euclean Parliament
1 / 24
Progressyf Alliance flag.png

The Progressive Alliance (Dellish: Progressyf Alliânsje, Weranian: Progressive Allianz, Swathish: Progrvẹrcic Vyncynn, Kirenian: Progressiivne liit) also commonly referred to as the Progressives or the Alliance, is a social-democratic centre-left political party in Alsland. The Alliance is a member of the Socialist Alternative for Euclea. The Alliance is the second largest party in the Folkssenaat with 35 out of 201 seats.

The Progressive Alliance was founded on 9 February 2006 by centre-left members of the Workers' Party who disagreed with the party's shift towards the left and merger with the Alslandic Section of the Workers' International. It is the largest political alliance of the 'Socialist' pillar of Alslandic society. Since 2011 the Alliance has moved closer towards adopting centrist positions and has a large and influential social liberal wing. Since 2017 the party has been led by Ottila Möller - the daughter of Per Schnyder who was one of the main founders of the Alliance. It has close links to the Democratic Federation of Alslandic Labour, the second largest trade union in Alsland. The PA is a supporter of Alslandic membership in the Euclean Community, since 2010 it has been a coalition partner of Liveable Alsland, the National Bloc and the Humanist Sotirian Union.

The party won only 7 seats at the 2006 legislative election and sat with other centre-right parties in opposition to the Nieuwenhuis coalition. One of the party's founders — Bonne Zijlstra — became the first President of the Euclean Community in 2007. The Alliance also became the second largest party after the 2009 municipal elections. At the 2018 legislative election the party grew it's number of seats from 10 to 35 and won 18.5% of the popular vote.



Growth and stagnation

2018 election and Ottila Möller


Policy overview

  • Economy and Finance
    • Larger Welfare state
    • Greater role for Trade Unions
    • Support 'Buy Euclean' programs
    • Increased spending
  • Social and federal affairs
    • Reduction in Non-EC and unskilled immigration
    • Official language status for Kirenian
    • Environmentalism
    • Commitment to Net-Zero emissions by 2050
    • Directly elected Premier




A Progressive Alliance tent at Yndyk Pride in 2015, the Progressive Alliance was the most popular party amongst LGBT+ voters in 2018 and 2014



Electoral performance


Community parliaments

Euclean Parliament

Election Party Group Leader Votes Seats Position
No. Share No. ± Share
2019 SAE Ottila Möller TBD TBD
9 / 24
Increase 1 37.5% Steady 2nd