Revolutionary Garrison

Revolutionary Garrison
Revolutionärsgarnison (Hesurian)
Participant in the Summer of Knifes
Design of the RG's insignia showing iconography of communism and an AK-74 gun
Design of the RG's insignia showing iconography of communism and an AK-74 gun
LeadersGuido Weststädt
Henriette Müller
Bartosz Zeiner
Area of operationsMascylla
Part ofGreat Game
Allies Hytekojuznia (until 1981)
Dulebia (alleged, denied)
Opponent(s) Mascylla
Battles and war(s)Mascyllary embassy in Lilienburg bombing, July 20 attacks, Eagle Air flight 182, Crethian Airways flight 255, Summer of Knifes

The Revolutionary Garrison (RG; Hesurian: Revolutionärsgarnison), also known as the Red Gardists or Weststädt–Zeiner Fraction (Rote Gardisten, Weststädt–Zeiner–Fraktion), was a far-left communist militant organization in Mascylla from 1968 until its dissolution in 1992. Key figures and de facto leaders of the group include Guido Weststädt, Henriette Müller, Bartosz Zeiner and Rudolph Mahlhof, among various other individuals of unknown identity. The Mascyllary government, in agreement with the governments of Lavaria, Lilienburg, Temaria and Albeinland, as well as most Western media outlets and literature considered the RG to be a terrorist organization.

Though engaging in political and civil manner at first, the RG quickly resorted to more violence acts such as bombings, assassination, kidnappings, shoot-outs and taking hostages over the course of its activity. Their activity reached its peak in summer of 1991 as the infamous "Summer of Knifes" which triggered a nation-wide crisis. The attacks on July 20 1991 have been the worst terrorist attacks in Mascyllary history, with instrumental political institutions such as the Reichsrat crippled, and around 504 people dead. The RG as of a ruling of the High Court of the Realm from 2015 has been held responsible of atleast 687 deaths, including secondary targets and collateral damage such as civilians, chauffeurs, and bodyguards. Thre have also been numerous cases of torture to the kidnapped. A total of 500 attacks have been conducted by the RG, making it the most deadly terrorist organization to have engaged in Mascylla.