July 20 attacks

July 20 attacks
Part of the Summer of Knifes
July 20 attacks.png
Top left: The east tower of the EU Steuber Complex burning
Top right: Firefighters search for survivors at Martinsen Center ground zero
Upper middle: The debris of the Martinsen Center after the detonation from above
Lower middle: Reichswehr soldiers storm the by the RG/RFF-occupied Reichsrat visitor hall
LocationKönigsreh, Mascylla
DateJuly 20, 1991; 27 years ago
12:00 – 12:17 a.m.
TargetMartinsen Center (bombing)
EU Steuber Complex (bombing)
Reichsrat building (shooting)
Attack type
Bombings, suicide attacks, mass murder, mass shooting, hostage taking
Deaths507 (504 victims and 3 RG terrorists)
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorsRevolutionary Garrison
No. of participants

The July 20 attacks (Hesurian: Angriffe des 20. Juli; also referred to as the 1991 Massacre or 20/7 (Massaker von 1991 and Zwanzig-Sieben) were a series of three simultaneous and coordinated terrorist attacks conducted by the far-left militias Revolutionary Garrison and RFF (based in Finstria) against the Crowned Republic of Mascylla at around 12:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 20, 1991. The attacks were the most fatal and destructive terrorist attacks in Mascyllary history, with 507 fatalities, over 896 injuries, and at least $9 billion in property and infrastructure damage. In the subsequent months and years following the attacks, additional people have died of related cancers, respiratory diseases, and state members involved in the investigations murdered by the RG.

The attack commenced on three separate targets in Köpenick in Königsreh: the Martinsen Center, a representative office and conference center of the Reichsrat, the EU Steuber Complex, representative office of the Erdaran Union, and the Reichsrat building itself. The Martinsen Center and east tower of the EU Steuber Complex were bombed, leaving it completely destroyed and partially damaged respectively. Debris and the resulting fires damaged ten other surrounding buildings, and the Martinsen Center completely collapsed. A couple of minutes later, RG militias stormed the Reichsrat building, initially trying to take legislature members hostage and demanding political recognition. However, the Mascyllary Army quickly stormed the building, resulting in a battle and leaving half of the 24 hostages and all 3 militias dead. The attacks were the single deadliest terrorist incidents in Mascylla and the deadliest incident for politicians in the history of Mascylla, with 507 and 29 fatalities, respectively.

The Revolutionary Garrison and RFF quickly took responsibility of the attacks. The Mascyllary government initially couldn't engage in investigations as the death of various politicians triggered a constitutional crisis, but soon later responded with nation-wide police raids on suspected participants. The EU member states strengthened their anti-terrorism legislation and expanded the powers of law enforcement and intelligence agencies to prevent terrorism; these powers were revoked in 2003 however. After three years, a RG cell in Pereuth was uncovered, after which the government announced they have found the initial perpetrators. There have also been allegations of involvement by Hytekia or Arlyon in the attacks. Numerous investigations, most notably the Report on Foreign Involvement and Support in the July 20 1991 Attacks have revealed information regarding the possible material and financial assistance given to the terrorists and the RG as a whole leading up to the attacks.

The destruction of the Martinsen Center and nearby structures seriously harmed the local economy of Königsreh. The Mascyllary Stock Exchange in Grune Street, only a couple hundreds of metres away from ground zero, was closed for two weeks until August 7, significantly influencing global markets and trade. Cleanup of the Martinsen Center site was commenced and completed by May 1992, and the EU Steuber Complex was fully repaired by December of the same year. In the next two years, the July 20 National Rememberance Memorial & Museum was built on the site of the Martinsen Center attack, and the Reichsrat and EU Steuber Complex east tower received a memorial respectively. On each anniversary, a funeral service and moment of silence is held nation-wide.