Tax Day

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Tax Day
Observed byGylias
TypePublic holiday
SignificanceDay on which tax returns are due
Date15 April

Tax Day (French reformed: Jour d'impôtation) is a public holiday in Gylias. It is the day on which tax returns are due to be submitted to the National Tax Agency, and is observed on 15 April each year.

It was established as a public holiday by the Mathilde Vieira government in the 1990s. Its main purpose is to celebrate the contributions to society made by taxation, encourage volunteering and philanthropy, and set a positive example for Gylian society.


The holiday originated in the economic reforms and cultural changes that took place under the Mathilde Vieira government, particularly the Decleyre Summit and creation of the Social Partnership Program.

Taking place in a climate of renewed economic growth and national self-confidence, these contributed to an amelioration of public attitudes towards wealth and enterprise.

The SPP in particular had an instrumental contribution: by allowing rich Gylians to engage in extensive philanthropic and charitable donations, it allowed them to secure a higher profile and respected reputation in society.

Tax Day emerged as an extension of these policies, strengthening egalitarianism in society by tying acceptance to philanthropy, and support for high taxation rates. It was first observed in 1992.


Tax Day is a day of celebration of contributions to society. It is a modern addition to the Gylian consensus, by specifically making paying taxes patriotic and fun.

It is marked by local gatherings, festive events, and parties. It highlights the achievements and priorities of communal assemblies' participatory budgeting and planning, and how Gylians of all kinds have donated to specific public and private projects that benefit society.

The President of Gylias leads the celebrations at the federal level, inviting a number of taxpayers from each region who filed their taxes early, as well as participants in the SPP specifically to highlight their philanthropic activities.