Gylian administrative agencies

The administrative agencies of Gylias (French reformed: agences administratives d'Gylias) are state-controlled organisations that act independently to carry out the policies of the federal and local governments. The cabinet ministries themselves are relatively small and merely policy-making organisations.

The administrative agencies constitute the civil service of Gylias. Each agency reports to the cabinet ministry it is serving, as well as to the Parliament and Prime Minister. Cabinet ministers are explicitly prohibited from interfering with the day-to-day operation of an agency or the outcome of individual cases — an act known as "ministerial reign" (règne ministèriale). The government may only formulate policy decisions, and cannot directly give orders to agencies.

Some agencies are jointly responsible to more than one ministry.

Administrative agencies are often given names that include "directorate", "inspectorate", "administration", "board", or "office". Their nomenclature specifically avoids reference to concepts such as authority and the state, in keeping with Article 1 of the Constitution of Gylias. They may also have the terms "national" or "federal" in their names, but usage of these is inconsistent.

An alternative term, "public organisations" (organisations publiques), also encompasses the various publicly-owned companies of Gylias.

Cabinet Office

  • Chief of Staff
  • Principal Secretary
  • Press Secretary
  • Director of Communications
  • Director of Policy
  • Director of Intergovernmental Affairs

Ministry of Agriculture

  • Inspectorate of Food Safety (IFS) — responsible for regulation and protection of food safety.
  • Directorate of Supply Management (DSM) — responsible for administering buffer stock schemes, price controls for agricultural products, and controls on agricultural imports.
  • Agricultural Produce Marketing Board (APMB) — responsible for marketing Gylian agricultural produce, and the only legal buyer of agricultural products.
  • Agricultural Credit Administration (ACA) — responsible for providing financial services to the agricultural sector.
  • National Institute of Agriculture (NIA) — responsible for agricultural science research.
  • National Veterinary Institute (NVI) — responsible for regulation of veterinary medicine, protection of animal health, and veterinary medicine research.

Ministry of Communications and Broadcasting

  • National Broadcasting Office (NBO) — responsible for regulation of broadcasting, issuing licenses for broadcast, assigning radio and television frequencies, and acting on public complaints.

Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Defense

  • Self-Defense Materiel Administration (SDMA) — responsible for supply of materiel to the Gylian Self-Defense Forces.
  • Self-Defense Research Board (SDRB) — responsible for conducting research, analysis, and technology development for primarily self-defense purposes.
  • Directorate of Self-Defense Policy (DSDP) — responsible for formulating and advising on self-defense policies.

Ministry of Economy

  • Company Registry Board (CRB) — responsible for managing the Gylian companies register.
  • Economic Research Office (ERO) — responsible for economic conducting research and analysis, and advising on formation of economic policy.
  • National Capital Investment Board (NCIB) — responsible for directing domestic and foreign captial investment based on social priorities.
  • Directorate of Deposit Protection (DDP) — responsible for deposit insurance in Gylian financial institutions.

Ministry of Education and Research

  • Inspectorate of Educational Standards (IES) — responsible for maintaining educational quality standards and inspecting educational institutions.
  • Adult Education Office (AEO) — responsible for regulating and promoting adult education.
  • Gylian Educational Institutions Board (GEIB) — responsible for administering federal universities and institutes of technology.
  • National Institute of Education (NIE) — responsible for educational research.
  • Special Education Office (SEO) — responsible for administering educational services for students with disabilities.
  • Directorate of Qualifications (DQ) — responsible for accrediting educational awards.
  • Research Council (RC) — responsible for promoting research and science, and administering funding.
  • National Institute of Social Research (NISR) — responsible for social sciences research.

Ministry of Energy

  • Inspectorate of Energy Safety and Standards (IESS) — responsible for maintaining energy safety standards and inspecting power stations.
  • Directorate of Energy Supply (DES) — responsible for regulating and administering energy supply, and establishing standards for electricity transmission.
  • National Institute of Energy Research (NIER) — responsible for energy development research.

Ministry of the Environment

Ministry of Equality and Integration

  • National Office for Minorities (NOM) — responsible for monitoring the development of minority groups, the protection of their rights, and promoting appropriate measures to ensure equal development.
  • Directorate for Action Against Discrimination (DAAD) — responsible for administering positive action programs to remedy effects of past discrimination.
  • Social Inclusion Bureau (SIB) — responsible for conducting research and recommending policies to combat social exclusion.

Ministry of Finance

  • National Tax Agency (NTA) — reponsible for national tax collection.
  • Gylian National Investment Fund Board (GNIFB) — responsible for administering Gylias' sovereign wealth fund.
  • Budget Office (BO) — responsible for analysing public finances and budget proposals.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • International Development Cooperative Administration (IDCA) — responsible for administering Gylian development aid programs.
  • Gylias Foundation (GF) — responsible for promoting Gylian art and culture abroad, and administering exchange projects with other countries.

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning

  • Inspectorate of Housing (IH) — responsible for regulation and monitoring of building safety and regulations.
  • Housing Finance Administration (HFA) — responsible for providing and insuring mortgage loans.

Ministry of Interior Affairs and Public Security

Ministry of Intelligence Services

  • Special Public Security Bureau 9 (SPSB9) — responsible for collecting, analysing, reporting, and disseminating intelligence.
  • Office of Intelligence (OI) — responsible for advising the cabinet on matters of intelligence.

Ministry of Justice

  • National Courts Administration (NCA) — responsible for day-to-day administration of the judiciary.
  • Office of the Public Advocate (OPA) — responsible for investigating and addressing public complaints of maladministration and violations of constitutional rights.
  • Directorate for Protection of the Constitution (DPC) — responsible for gathering intelligence on threats to the democratic order and taking action against anti-constitutional activities.

Ministry of Labour

  • Inspectorate of Work Safety (IWS) — responsible for enforcing occupational safety and health regulations, informing and advising workers of their rights in the workplace, and carrying out inspections.
  • National Mediation Board (NMB) — responsible for conciliation, mediation, and resolving grievances in industrial disputes.
  • Work Exchange Administration (WEA) — the public employment service of Gylias, responsible for maintaining a federal database of job vacancies and helping job-seekers find work.
  • Directorate of Workplace Democracy (DWD) — responsible for monitoring and guaranteeing workers' self-management, including co-determination and the freedom of supervisory boards.

Ministry of Planning and Development

Ministry of Public Works

  • Directorate of Maintenance (DM) — responsible for building maintenance.
  • Public Works Assessment Inspectorate (PWAI) — responsible for analysing the consequences of a project, including environmental impact and economic impact, and recommending whether to proceed or cancel the project.

Ministry of Regulation

  • Financial and Markets Inspectorate (FMI) — responsible for financial regulation and bank regulation.
  • Data Protection Bureau (DPB) — responsible for protecting data privacy.
  • Consumer Protection Office (CPO) — responsible for consumer protection and regulation.
  • Office for Public Protection Against Advertising (OPPAA) — responsible for regulating advertising and approving all adverts submitted for publication or broadcast.

Ministry of Resource and Land Administration

  • Office of Industrial Production Coordination (OIPC) — responsible for organising heavy industry production.
  • Public Lands Administration (PLA) — responsible for administering public lands, land use planning, and guaranteeing free access to public lands.

Ministry of Sport

Ministry of Tourism

Ministry of Trade and Commerce

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Traffic Management Bureau (TMB) — responsible for regulating, organising, planning, and administering traffic control in Gylias.
  • Transportation Safety Inspectorate (TSI) — responsible for investigating transportation accidents and issuing safety recommendations based on its findings.
  • National Directorate of Aviation (NDA) — the national aviation authority, responsible for regulating civil aviation, operating airports, licensing aviation personnel, enforcing standards for aviation equipment and air traffic control.

Unaffiliated agencies

These agencies are not subordinate to any cabinet ministry, and thus report directly to Parliament and the Cabinet.

Public organisations

These are publicly-owned companies under the aegis of particular cabinet ministries.