Acadia (Rhodevus)

City of Acadia

La Ville d'Acadie
"ACD", "The 820", "The 12 Lakes", "The City of Snow", "The Fairy Lake", "City of a Thousand Homes"
où les Eaux Deviennent Bleues
Founded byFrancois Richéau
 • Total431.4 km2 (166.6 sq mi)
 • Total959,869
 • Density2,200/km2 (5,800/sq mi)


In the Ghong Language, the land is called Tul:de ga. This name refers to the shallow waters which surround the Eastern bay. It means "Where the waters turn blue".[1]


August 11, 1430 - The settlement of Acadia is established, becoming the first Ventismarien colony in Rhodevus.

1518 - The construction of Fort Nantes is completed, ending Ghong raids on the city and its bordering villages.

1652 - the Acadian Fire burned down large portions of the city. it had been started by independence supporters in an attempt to remove the governor and his family from the city. In a twisted turn of events, the Governor's Mansion remained one of the few buildings untouched by the fire after the wind turned, spreading the flames to the poorer districts of the city. The men responsible were arrested and flogged, then hanged four days later. This event was spread across the islands' colonies through newspapers as a sign of nationalistic reprisal. Articles would detail the cruel execution of these men, but many papers would leave out the reason behind their executions. This would lead to further revolts and riots in cities such as Quniac City, Cundas City, Kingstown and Rome throughout the ensuing decade.

December 1671 - A ___ fleet was sent to Acadia to link up with French reinforcements to put down the independence revolution.

May 8, 1701 - Acadia becomes the capital of the state of Kye for the First Republic of Rhodevus

June 27, 1845 - Acadia is established as the de facto capital for the province of Iylan

November 11, 1845 - Acadia is recognized as the capital for the province of Iylan




Old Acadia

Acadia Spire





Acadia is home to many sports teams and leagues. The city hosts the Iylan-Wyle League for ice hockey. The city is home to the Acadia Redbacks RHL Team, and the The Acadian Antelopes soccer team. It is one of only three football clubs on mainland Rhodevus.





Acadia has two major post-secondary educational facilities: Acadia University and the Royal Military College of Acadia. Acadia University (AU) is ranked 3rd in the top universities in the country and is widely renowned for many programs, in particular: Aerospace, Biotechnology, Aeronautics, Engineering, Electric Robotics, EnviroTech, Military Technology and Astronautics. It is often linked with the Acadian Military College, which is placed only a few streets away, in order for students to receive dual degrees from both schools.

The Royal Military College of Acadia, often referred to as the Acadian Military College is a military institution to train officers, engineers, scientists and tacticians for the Rhodeve military.


The City of Acadia has a wide and diverse transportation network. The Anne-Maria International Airport is the fifth largest airport in the country, with routes to over 50 international locations

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  1. The exact translation is: "clear waters along the sands of the hills", but is often paraphrased.