Adrian Sardou

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Adrian Sardou
Adrian Matt Sardou
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Director of the Zamastanian Intelligence Service
Assumed office
November 23rd, 2021
PresidentAtticus Moreau
Preceded byKirk Faulkman
Personal details
Born (1981-01-21) 21 January 1981 (age 42)
Brimura, Northern Isle, Zamastan
Military service
Years of service2001-present

Adrian Sardou is the Director of the Zamastanian Intelligence Service, having been promoted following the resignation of Kirk Faulkman on November 23rd, 2021. He was appointed after Faulkman's endorsement of Sardou to President Atticus Moreau. Sardou was a field operative in the ZIS in the early 2000s, having been placed on special assignments to root out criminal enterprises internationally and within the domestic reach. He led an investigation into a string of corrupt Yuaneze officials funneling funds to a black market drug chain. During a stint in the public sector as a prosecutor from 2014-16, he defended the Department of Justice against lawsuits from clients who sought misappropriation funds. He further became notable for endorsing harsh prison sentences for convicts, something which put him at odds with politicians like President Moreau, who endorsed him regardless. Sardou returned to the agency in early 2021, after a two year hiatus and specifically following the Olivar Street bombing in 2020, in which he was injured.

Prior to his promotion to director, Sardou was the Chief of Counter-Terrorism Intelligence. Sardou has been credited with leading the operations that foiled the Moulins sarin plot.

Personal Life

Early career

Director of Z.I.S.