Northern Isle

Northern Isle

Northern Isle located in Zamastan
Northern Isle located in Zamastan
• Governor
Keenan Bone
• Estimate

Northern Isle, also known as The Northern Isle is an Administrative District (Province) of Zamastan. Despite what the name suggests, the Northern Isle is not an island, simply a large swath of relatively rocky, treeless, but oil rich land in the north of Zamastan. It is bordered to the north by Gladysynthia and has been the site of many conflicts in the 20th and 21st century between Zamastan and Gladysynthia, notably the First Danaska Conflict, Second Danaska Conflict, and the Third Danaska Conflict. The land has never been known for stark beauty, but its economic and strategic advantages are clear to the leadership of each nation that has fought battles there, especially in the Tariel Heights. The province's natural resources have played a major role in its economic performance, particularly with the oil extraction from Picotheca oil sands which lies beneath the north-central part of the province. Such development has led to population growth and reduced unemployment, resulting in Northern Isle having the second lowest unemployment rate in the nation after Gangkou.